Bitrix24 London Presentation: New CRM Opportunities and Online Office 

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Bitrix24 London Presentation: New CRM Opportunities and Online Office 

04/03/2020 Bitrix24 released updates that everyone who uses this CRM system, including our team, was eagerly awaiting. This year, the new Bitrix was named London.

The main message of the updated Bitrix is ​​an online office that has all the necessary tools for the effective work of employees. Therefore, the company launched a new Bitrix24 mobile application with the following features:

  • one can register in Bitrix24 from a mobile application;
  • quick invitations to employees from your contact list or link. It takes less than 5 minutes to gather all the employees into one online workspace;
  • an updated list of employees;
  • virtual presence in the office, when employees can see, how many of their colleagues have started and finished their working hours;
  • the ability to fire employees using a mobile application;
  • traditional and group chats, the possibility to share photo audio, documents and so on. There are also general open chats which employees can join without invitation;
  • video and audio chat calls.

Now we will tell you more about the new application interface and how this will help set up remote work for your company.


New tasks in Bitrix24 London is an alike version of the chat: you set a task, add the people, discuss solutions to a problem, pin an important message, follow the deadlines. This is a great addition to regular work chats.

In addition, it became possible to share the process of working on tasks with clients, now you can discuss disputed issues together, make changes and follow the deadlines with the client.

Also appeared rights to access tasks. This is a flexible system where you can give roles to employees, such as administrator, performer, observer, you can create any number of roles and assign them.


Now you can synchronize the Bitrix24 calendar with Google calendar and your mobile calendar.


Bitrix updated the activity stream in which you share events that happen in your company with your colleagues. You can pin an important message, like in a chat. A new form of writing messages is being developed. Soon it is going to be much easier to add a post with photos, a video message or a survey.


  • chats with operators
  • educational articles
  • feedback
  • the ability to pay for CRM from a mobile application.

Video calls

Due to the current situation in the world online meetings, it’s not just a trend, but a necessity. and now this feature is available to Bitrix users. The maximum number of participants is 12 employees. Now it will be possible to conduct business conversations with customers or meetings of the department. To do this, initiate a call in a group private chat:

битрикс презентация


During a video call, you can also write chat messages, record important conversation phrases, tasks, ideas and demonstrate the screen of your working device, connect with screens and work inside video calls. This is very convenient because you don’t need to interrupt the conversation or be distracted to do the task or look at the document.

The time of video chat is unlimited, you can communicate as much as you want.

Updates in CRM

  • more social media channels to add leads from them;
  • 115 integrations with telephone operators for comfortable telephony;
  • CRM store, which includes a full range of digital sales, as well as integration with Google Pay, Apple Pay, cards, Yandex cash. This simplifies the process of paying for purchases and accepting payments;
  • Bitrix24 is the world’s first CRM system with built-in end-to-end analytics that will help evaluate the effectiveness of each advertising channel. You can track the full path of the customer to the purchase, taking into account all the advertisements with which he interacted:
  • rights to the CRM: you can select employees who will have access to certain information within the CRM.



The presentation of the updated version of Bitrix24 lasted about three hours. They talked about new products, experiments, and innovations that are still under development. Soon, we will again be pleased with cool features that simplify communication with customers and employees, but for now, let’s try to highlight the main points of today’s presentation:

  1. The world has changed, and the past will never come back. People work from home now, contacts between employees are practically nullified, all communication takes place in messengers.
  2. There is no need to concentrate on the past, but work on the future, look for new ways of improving the business.
  3. 2 priority areas of Bitrix24 work are minimization of communication with colleagues and contactless work with clients.

If you are interested in Bitrix24 updates, contact us and we will help you integrate them into your business. Outsourcing Team is a Gold Partner of CRM Bitrix24. For two years we have been successfully implementing it in the work of other companies, helping them to get more deals and to work with their customers more efficiently.



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