Bitrix24 OSCAR 2020: our experience

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Bitrix24 OSCAR 2020: our experience

2019 year came to its end, all deadlines are closed, aims at 2020 are planned and even begun to realize. But something is missing. Aha. Year’s results and rewards for achievements. For that purpose Bitrix24 company threw a great party. And our company Outsourcing Team, as Bitrix24 golden partner, took part in that event. We want to share with you our emotions about this evening.

About the event

January 25th was held a private party for Bitrix24 partners. Theme of the evening — Oscar ceremony: gallant men wearing black tie and gorgeous women in elegant dresses. The atmosphere of success and endless creative energy was in the air. The founder of Outsourcing Team Aleksandr Verbitskyi described his feelings about the party: “It is a high level event. Every detail is thought out to the last detail. You (Bitrix24) have definitely up the ante”.

History of collaboration with Bitrix24

Our company Outsourcing Team collaborates with Bitrix24 a little more than a year. But during that time we moved from the “Business partner” status to the “Golden Partner”. Together with Bitrix24 company we have prepared and organized the event “Business Anatomy”. There were more than 300 participants. Outsourcing Team sets CRM systems, and we have the following Bitrix24 capacities:

  • Bitrix24 implantation,
  • Bitrix24 customization,
  • Business processes.

Bitrix Oscar 2020

Our collaboration with Bitrix24 is not only mega productive but also extremely pleasant for us. On the ceremony we discovered that we are nominated on “The Best Team of the Year” and “The Best Speaker of the Year”. Overall, there were 72 challengers and 24 nominations. Our SEO Aleksandr Verbitskyi got Oscar as “The Best Speaker”. Many thanks to Bitrix24 OSCAR arrangers for the unique opportunity to be a part of this “Hollywood” party!

Outsourcing Team company keeps on moving and reaching new pinnacles. We will go on provide our clients with the best services. The best motivation for us is the acknowledgment of our achievements! Because it means that we are moving in the right way.

ОТ Bitrix Oscar

Александр Вербицкий Bitrix Oscar

Bitrix Oscar

Bitrix Oscar

Александр Вербицкий Bitrix Oscar



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