Negative keywords in contextual advertising using the example of Google Adwords

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Negative keywords in contextual advertising using the example of Google Adwords

What are negative keywords and why is it so important to find the most accurate and complete list of such words? How can you “merge” the advertising budget in a few hours and what nuances lie in wait for you when ordering contextual advertising? Answers to these and other questions await you in today’s article from our contextologists.


Negative words as one of the most important stages in creating an advertising campaign

минус слова для контекстной рекламеNegative words (NW) stop advertising on request. For example, you sell wooden windows, but you do not sell plastic. On request “order windows in Kiev” your advertisement should be shown to the user, but on request “order plastic windows in Kiev” should not. In this case, “plastic” is a negative keyword. NWs are collected at the planning stage of an advertising campaign, when analyzing the total pool of search queries. There are themes that are minus by default. Often they contain words denoting a freebie (“free”, “gift”), terms related to the porn industry (this is surprising, but experts recommend minus them absolutely in all cases, which people will not think up), as well as any homemade (“Do it yourself”, “master class”, “recipe”). If you do not work out the list of NWs with special care, then by non-targeted requests (for example, “how to install plastic windows with your own hands”, “how to get plastic windows for free under the state program”) you can literally “merge” the monthly budget in just a few hours.

The influence of NW on the overall course of the advertising campaign

Careful study of the list of NW positively affects the advertising campaign (AC) as a whole. First, the CTR rises. The contextual advertising system Google Adwords is very sensitive to this indicator, reducing the cost of a click and raising your ads in search results. As a result, you save. Another important aspect is the ability to avoid internal competition between your own ads. For example, there are 2 groups of ads – on request “order wooden windows” and “order wooden windows Smereka”. To avoid competition, you need to minimize the name of the manufacturer (“Smereka”) in a group aimed at broader requests.

How to apply NW Lists

In Google Adwords, NW lists can be applied at various levels: ad group, campaign, and also at the level of the entire account. It is important to prescribe every word in all cases and with typos. Unfortunately, only the exact match type is available for the NW. For example, if you mined “for free”, then on request “to put wooden windows for free” your ad will still be shown. Lists are added on the “Keywords” tab – “Minus words”. It is also possible to add the NW through the “Common Library”.

For contextual advertising customers – how to check the contextologist

If you order the creation of a site and after ordering contextual advertising Google Adwords from a third party, be sure to review the list of NW after the initial setup. In addition to standard (freebie, porn, homemade, etc.) must also be specific words that are a feature of your project. For example, a seller of white medical gowns should be minded with the word “people,” since he will have many inappropriate requests related to the song “People in White Coats”. These specific NWs are in each project, and the more there are, the more thoroughly the AC is worked out.

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