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Effective strategy in content marketing

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Content marketing involves the development and distribution of quality content, the main purpose of which is to get a good result from the marketing strategy. This type of activity is aimed at the realization of many tasks: brand promotion, increasing the customer loyalty and traffic to the website, and much more.

Many people are involved in the development of the content marketing strategy – marketers, analysts, SMM and content managers, designers, project managers. The development process consists of the several stages:

  • analysis of the target audience and the market. At this stage, the information about the target audience is collected, as well as the places where the materials should be posted;
  • development of a content plan. The types of content, topics, place, time of placement are determined;
  • selection of performers. A better and faster result can be achieved by selecting authors who are well informed with the required topics. The articles are written faster, the communication edge with a client disappears due to clear understanding of the topic;
  • selection of the method and place for publication of materials (paid or free, inside the site or on external sources);
  • development of activity around materials;
  • collection and evaluation of results.

There are many useful tools that are working with content and speed up and facilitate the work of specialists. One of the most important tools is the software which works with monitoring of activity. You will be able to adjust your reputation and track the mentions of you on the network. The second tool – operators and formulas, with which you can find profitable websites for the company. The tools of web analytics are important also. Do not neglect Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics. Using these services allows you to customize UTM-tags, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, etc. Soft for social networks helps to track the activity of the target audience and simplifies the work with accounts. Soft for email marketing returns the target audience.

The content marketing strategy is formed on the basis of a brief, which indicates the purpose of the company, the number and frequency of content creation. Quite often, customers come to conduct an effective promotion, to work with a reputation or raise brand awareness. Depending on the chosen strategy, content can be planned for a certain period – a year, a month, a week. All materials can be divided into two groups – viral (placed in groups, cause effect) and those that are adapted to search queries (hosted on a blog or on third-party resources, bring traffic).

To assess the content strategy correctly, different metrics are used. The number of subscriptions, activity of the audience, traffic, orders, sales, calls, registration by forms, etc. are monitored.

The selection of material is a very important stage, in the process of which it is necessary to pay attention to several factors.
Before you deal with content marketing, you need to set up an analyst, which will accurately show data on the effectiveness of an article. Thus, you can correctly distribute the team’s power and achieve success.

The amount of content is calculated taking into account the attendance of the resource. The larger the website, the more comments there should be, and vice versa. The optimal number is 1 comment per 1000 visitors.

“Evergreen” content – materials that remain relevant for a long time. They consistently generate traffic for several years.

The use of viral materials, though not often leads to sales, but excites interest, stimulates reports and raises the loyalty of the public.

Additional “upgrade” the page by using natural links and implementing key queries. To get more traffic, texts for large sites are better to optimize for search queries.

Sometimes you can notice the reduction of the number of visitors or lack of their growth. In this case, you need to change the strategy and work on creating a new one. Every week it is important to analyze the results of your work, as well as to look for the ways to increase the effectiveness of content marketing, in addition do not forget the other channels of receiving users: seo-promotion, advertising and others.

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