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Factors influencing the successful management of IT projects

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There are some factors that affect the success of the project. They require a great attention to details, careful planning and effective communication. Many of these factors will be discussed in this article.

1. A good team

A correctly selected team will make any plan or strategy work stably. All team members should have a common goal and strive for a common success. It is equally important to work regularly on cohesion, moral climate and communication in projects.

2. Smart planning

The work of the whole team should be carefully planned from the very beginning of the project implementation. Participants should know clearly in which direction it will move. Planning allows the team to meet deadlines and stay organized, as well as help to not lose interest in the course of the project. Use in work various tools on which it is possible to store the information, and which provide free access to it for the whole team. Tools such as the Copper Project not only allow you to effectively manage the To-Dos and Project projects, but also regulate the availability of resources.

3. Communication

Providing an open communication within the team is essential. During working on a project, it is important to remain the team well-informed. If the problem occurs at one stage of the project, the following may be negatively affected also. Communication is the best way to easily solve or prevent many problems and is a very important component to achieve a success. The сompany should never promise anything that they can not accomplish. Always be honest about what your company can or can’t do and when it can be done.

4. Risk management

Project managers sometimes face situations where things go wrong. During the planning process, it is extremely important to create a risk journal with a plan of actions for their elimination, which the project may face. Make sure that all participants are aware of the existence of a risk journal and where it can be found. If something will happen, the problem can be quickly resolved.

5. Correct finish of the project

If the project is not fully completed, it can continue to consume additional resources. Confirmation of the implementation, testing and release of the project must be agreed and signed by both – performer and customer.

The task of the project manager is to ensure uninterrupted work on the project, but the presence of an excellent manager does not guarantee a successful result of the project. A team, paying a proper attention to the key factors will help to bring the project to real success.

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