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JavaScript-trends for Outsourcing Team version, which should be paid attention this year

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Web-studios in Ukraine and around the world are very grateful to Brendan Eich, Mark Andreessen and other programmers who created JavaScript in the far 90s. Nowadays JS is used in millions of applications around the world. While ordering a site in Ukraine, an average client does not even think how many people participated in the process of development a language with help of which his project will be implemented. Of course, since then JavaScript has not stood still, and new trends capture the minds of programmers, creating opportunities for implementation the tasks that seemed unreal until recently. In this article, we have collected several of them, which are the most interesting and promising for today.


использование Vue.js

The Vue.js library is the direct competitor of React.js. So which one is better? While the fans are strongly arguing, after many alpha and beta versions, Vue.js 2.0 became faster and smaller, which surely added to the library a chance to win.


The obvious benefit of React StoryBook – the ability to develop components of the User Interface (UI) outside of the application. The isolated environment changes as far as the UI components are developed. React Storybook works with various React applications, including Relay, Redux and Meteor. Advantages of React StoryBook:

  • an isolated components development environment;
  • HMR – Hot Module Replacement;
  • work with all popular React-applications (including the mentioned above Redux, Meteor, Relay and many others);
  • CSS support;
  • neat and convenient interface;
  • work inside the application (with the help of npm modules and the boxed babel configuration);
  • maintenance of static files (if they are placed inside the application) and extension as needed (supported the user’s Webpack downloaders and plugins).


Inferno is one of the alternatives to React. This library is very similar to React, but it takes only 8 KB and is very fast. Application – high-performance user interfaces.


тренды в верстке 2017

Babili is the minification, the first release of which took place in the summer of 2016. Babili can work together with ES6 + based on Babel. Babili accepts incoming designs from ES2015 +. Other minifications require ES5, the code must be transcoded into the appropriate language variant. This is rather inconvenient and pointless, because many programmers have already worked directly with ES2015. Babili is very flexible. Due to its modular structure, it can be used as a preset or command line tool. Another benefit – Babili performs specific code optimization for ES2015 +.


язык программирования

TypeScript is a programming language that Microsoft positioning as a development tool that extends JavaScript capabilities. With its help, the quality and clarity of the code improves. In addition, TypeScript is able to point out errors while implementation programs. By the way, the popular Atom editor fully supports TypeScript.


jQuery does not lose its popularity. The release of jQ 3.0 took place in June 2016. The developers created a lighter and faster version of jQuery, adding backward compatibility to it. Among other things, the creators removed some old miscalculations from the IE browser by implementing a modern web API. JQuery 3.0 is, in fact, a continuation of 2.x, but with some relevant changes.

Maybe you also know some interesting, but unnamed JavaScript trends? Share with us in the comments! If you just need a website, and you do not want to to deal with the specifics of JavaScript libraries – contact the Project manager of Outsourcing Team. We create websites of any complexity both in Ukraine and abroad!

использование JQuery

And if you just need a website, and you do not want to understand the nuances of JavaScript libraries – contact the Project manager Outsourcing Team. We create websites of any complexity both in Ukraine and abroad!

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