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How to understand a SEO specialist

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Hello, my name is Leonid and i’m a SEO specialist. For growth number of site visitors it’s necessary to advance him in search results. This is my objective. I’m optimize a site and individual pages so, that Internet users visit him more often.

I am the expert, that uses a specific professional definitions. Person, that don’t interacts with promotion on the Internet in everyday life, is hard to understand the language of SEO specialist.

Therefore, I want to explain some SEO definitions.

Their knowledge is simplifies a communication of сustomer with performer.

Keywords – words or collocations, that SEO specialist selects to advance site or specific page.

Semantic core – group of the words and collocations in different word-forms. This is base of the target search queries.

Semantic core is selected to website promotion. A task of SEO specialist to select him correctly and in the future to distribute keywords and phrases on landing pages. On the base of the semantic core SEO Specialist composes a technical task for copywriter.

Technical task – document, where SEO expert sets a specific task to performers: programmer, administrator or copywriter. In task designated a demands to a work and expected result. Clear and literate technical task gives to performer an understanding of tasks, that are worth before him. In this way, effective of advance increases.

Traffic – number of site visitors. Measured over a certain period of time. Number of visitors per twenty-four hours – every day traffic, per month – audience reach.

Query – phrase, which user enter to a search system during the search of information, product or service.

Lead – visitor of site, which has provided his contact information. For example, filled out an online form on the site or called. In this way, this visitor transformed to potential client.


    1. Ratio of number of visitors of the resource to the number of visitors, which fulfilled the desired action. The target action can be various: purchase of goods or services, order of call, view of concrete page, fill out of questionnaire, transition through an external link.
    2. Ratio of number of visitors, which saw an advertising, to the visitors, which used the proposed product. The conversion is measured over a certain period of time.

Remarketing, retargeting – way of promotion, when advertising is demonstrated to visitor, which already was on the site, but didn’t committed the target action (did not buy the goods, did not order the service). Retargeting is effective, because advertising is demonstrated to the user, which initially was interested on purchase.

For example, person looked pages with shirts on the online store, but left site without purchase.

Advertising with shirts and related products is demonstrated him until he will make purchase.

Knowledge of this designations will help to understand mechanism and principles of work of the SEO specialist. You will be easier to discuss delivered tasks and expected result of work.

During the search of SEO expert you will meet with freelancers and managers.

Freelancer works independently. A professional freelancer regularly reads articles and blogs. During the communication with you he will be easily operate SEO definitions.

Manager represents the specific company. His task not only a site optimization, but also explanation of mechanisms of his work. Not scary, if in speech of SEO specialist you hear unknown words. Necessarily ask him again. From agreement of working nuances depends quality of work fulfillment.

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