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Minimalism in web design

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Title – Minimalism in design / web design
Description – Find out what minimalism is and what areas of life it covers. The main features of minimalism in web design: simple typography, minimum elements, accessible interface, free space.

H1 – Minimalism in web design

Minimalism is a design, architectural style. He puts emphasis on geometric forms, a limited number of parts, laconic presentation.

Minimalism in design

Has arisen in opposition to classical traditions. At the origins are the Japanese traditions of design, architecture. As an independent style was defined in the 60’s of the twentieth century. Found reflection in literature, art, music, sculpture. He also covered other spheres of human life: business, life, lifestyle.

With the advent of the Internet began its revival, developed as a style of web design. Minimalistic design of web sites appeared instead of too complex sites, heaped with lots of colors, complex animations.

Many avoid excess to highlight the really important. Much attention is paid to free space, simple typography, laconic elements.


5 basic principles of minimalist design

  • “Less is better, but better”.

Minimalism in web design is the rejection of unnecessary details. Style encourages the use of extremely necessary elements that fully convey the essence. The minimum of text, images, clear interface is what the user needs to navigate, understand the site.

The approach quickly attracts, focuses the attention of visitors to the site. They look solely at the main elements, their attention is not dissipated.

A competent combination of design, selling text, call to action, quality illustrations quickly increases the number of page conversions.

minimalism in web design

Laconic typography, black and white color scheme – an example of minimalist web design.

  • Avoid unnecessary things.

The principle of minimalism is getting rid of unnecessary elements. Leave what provides functionality, understanding the site. A vivid example is Google Search. Everything is focused exclusively around the input line, on which visitors are focused.

web design

  • The meaning in detail.

Each element has its own specific, important goal. If the purpose of the part’s stay is difficult to explain, its message is unclear – you need to safely get rid of it.

It is worth making sure that the removal does not complicate the use of the site. The services of a web designer consist not only in the selection of beautiful elements, but also in providing convenience for the user, creating logos.

You can order a logo in the style of minimalism. Flat texture, simple typography, minimum details make the logo easy to remember, recognizable.

creation logos

  • Color matters.

Sometimes color becomes the central element of a minimalistic project. There is a feeling that minimalism is only gray, white, black.

Minimalism uses absolutely any colors. A harmonious combination of 2-3 colors will help to focus attention, do not overload the interface.

Each color has a certain value. Often it determines the emotion, the feeling of the product. It is the color that creates the bright elements.

web designer services

  • Free Space.

Empty space allows the elements to breathe. A sufficient amount of free space allows a good review, understand the details of the site. We are used to seeing empty space white. In most cases, this is indeed the case. But some designers use full-color backgrounds in minimalism.

Good-designed web-design can increase the conversion. Minimalism is not necessarily the best design for a website. Everything depends on the goals that the project is facing. For example, style does not fit online stores with a large number of product categories.

Minimalism provides convenience, aesthetics. Do not overload the user’s mind, do not complicate the interaction with the site, understanding the product.

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