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Negative keywords in contextual advertising using the example of Google Adwords

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What are the negative keywords and why is it so important to choose the most correct and full list of such words? How can I “merge” the advertising budget in a few hours and what nuances lie when ordering contextual advertising? The answers to these and other questions are waiting for you in today’s article from our contextologist.

Negative keywords as one of the most important stages of creation of a promotional campaign

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Negative keywords (NK) stop the display of ads on request, in which they included. For example, you sell wooden windows, but do not sell plastic. On request “order windows in Kiev” your advertisement should be shown to the user, but on request “order plastic windows in Kiev” – should not. In this case, the “plastic” is the negative word. “Negatives” are collected at the planning stage of the advertising campaign, when analyzing the general pool of search queries. There are subjects that are negative by default. Often, they include words that stand for free (“free”, “gift”), terms related to the porn industry (this is striking, but experts recommend to minus them in all cases – what people will not come up with), as well as all sorts of homemade products (“Own hands”, “master class”, “recipe”). If you do not work out the list of NK thoroughly, then for non-targeted requests (for example, “how to install plastic windows with your own hands”, “how to get plastic windows free of charge under the state program”), you can literally “merge” the monthly budget in a few hours.

Influence of the negative keywords on the general progress of the advertising campaign

Careful consideration of the NK list positively affects the advertising campaign (AC) in general. First, the CTR increases. The contextual advertising system of Google Adwords is very responsive to this indicator, reducing the cost of a click and raising your ads in search results. As a result – cost savings. Another important aspect is the possibility of avoiding internal competition between your own ads. For example, there are 2 groups of ads – on request “order wooden windows” and “order wooden windows Smereka.” To avoid competition, you need to make negative the name of the producer (“Smereka”) in a group directed at wider requests.

How to apply listings

In Google Adwords, NK lists can be applied at different levels – ad groups, campaigns, and also at the level of the entire account. It is important to prescribe every word in all cases and with typos. Unfortunately, only the exact match type is available for NK. Lists are added on the “Keywords” tab – “Negative keywords”. It is also possible to add NK through the “General Library”.

For customers of context advertising – how to check the contextologist

If you order the creation of a site and after ordering a contextual advertising of Google Adwords from a third-party performer – make sure to review the list of NK after the initial configuration. In addition to standard (freebies, porn, homemade, etc.) there must also be specific words that are a feature of your project. For example, the seller of a lab coat needs to make negative the word “people”, as he will have many unrelated requests related to the song “People in white lab coats”. These specific NKs are in every project, and the more of them, the more carefully the AC is elaborated.

If you need effective contextual advertising and SEO-promotion in Kiev, Odessa, Khmelnitsky or any other city of Ukraine – contact us at any time convenient for you! And if there are additional questions on the topic of the article – ask them in the comments.

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Link to download the general list of negative keywords by subject.

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