Our standarts

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The work of our team is to provide a full cycle of development and support of your project: from the creation of ideas and development of the site till the support of final product. In the process of site creation we think of the needs of the end user: both client and future site visitor and look at our product as a user.
Therefore, in the course of the work we have already generated the key “rules” of our company that we use when creating the project. But we are not limited by them, because each project is unique and requires an individual approach and original solutions.

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Technical requirements

Before the start of work on the project, we discuss technical requirements with our client. We take into account your wishes, offer possible solutions to the problem and begin to work.

Website design

We are confident that contrast, clarity and moderation are the main characteristics of any website design. Expensive and high-quality design as a rule is not an abundance of motley hand-drawn graphics, but the harmony of style, ideas, themes and implementation of a web project.

During the development of the design is drawn each page of the site.

The popularity of the site depends on how looks like its first page. For example, we maintain the commercial project in a strict corporate style. By contrast, we assign bright and catchy design with elements of humor, scenes from movies or computer games (depending on the exact topics of the resource) to entertainment sites.

Website layout

We are working hard to make the site code maximum valid. This ensures the correct display of web pages across browsers, as well as the absence of errors that can affect the download speed and other parameters.

According to statistics, 70% of visitors leave the site due to slow page load. The sites that we develop, meet the requirements of search engines on the download speed. Your customer will never leave the site without waiting until it is loaded.

We create adaptive websites (i.e., you can visit them with your mobile phone, tablet, PC and other devices). On the mobile version of the site is required pagination or special tool that will make person to understand that there is scrolling or some information.

Content Management System (CMS)

We create sites where any information that is editable can be easily changed by our client.

Our websites content is easy to read, print out or download.

Filling the site: SEO & SMM

On request and prior approval, we make SEO website optimization and promotion in social networks. Each text is well-structured, selling and unique, and articles contain useful information and contextual links.

We believe that images are important not only in the catalog, but also in the articles. So we add pictures for the purpose of information visualization that attracts the attention of a website visitor.

If possible, the so-called “breadcrumbs” are created on the site. They help visitors quickly understand their location and return to another level at any time. Their advantage is that they provide easier navigation and search engines respond to them.

While creating each site we take into account the requirements for sites from the search engines. When the project is ready we agree directly everything with the client and connect Google Webmaster, Analytics, FB pixel; also we provide installation of Favicon, og images and og descriptions.

It is important to note that at every stage our team runs tests of the project. We want to provide you with an excellent product!

We are result-oriented company, this means that your business goals are main objectives for us, and all our actions are aimed at their solution.