Our team

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We do more than a job!

Outsourcing Team is an outsourcing company that develops websites, web design, promotion of websites on the Internet, promotion of the companies in social networks, monthly support of websites and consultations on their development.

Let’s get acquainted with our big and friendly team. Digital-agency Outsourcing Team firstly is a team. A team of professionals who love their work and have an irresistible desire to achieve a common goal! We are not afraid of something new, we just do it. Our team with the best leader is constantly developing, learning and conquering new peaks.

Outsourcing Team is a big family! Everyone knows that when the team is looking in one direction, the result will not take long to wait. All our projects are unique, high-quality and grandiose! And this is the merit of the whole team. Beautiful, fun, friendly and open. We work as a whole organism, so we do everything together. We cope with tasks, perform duties, improve performance and train.
to do it, we practice.

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But, we do not just work …

The morning of our company begins with coffee, sincere embraces and warm conversations. Sincerity … probably this word is ideal for describing our team. We are sincere in everything: work, fellowship and rest. Yes, we are able to rest as well as to work.
A positive attitude and a great number of ideas are a key to the success of our modern company. At first we work hard and only then actively rest to regain all the strength and dive into the process of working with the head.
How do we rest? We love an active kinds of rest: bowling, paintball, volleyball, joint trips to the cinema, to the ice rink and much more.

We like to travel together. And as it is sung in one song: “Only mountains can be better than mountains, on which I have not been yet.” For a long time we had a corporate tradition to go to Bukovel. In the mountains we not only enjoy clean air, nature and learn to ski. We also learn to support each other in difficult situations!

Our team is a second family. Our job is a small world with great opportunities. Therefore, we do everything to ensure that every day spent together was not only productive, but also fun, and useful.
And rest for us is not just a wonderful pastime, but a way of life that makes our team stronger.
When there is no possibility to relax, we enjoy and appreciate simple things: sincere conversations at the dinner table, beautiful view from the windows, sun rays or raindrops.

The atmospheric and creative paradise of Outsourcing Team

Our office is a reliable fortress or a second home. There is everything that is necessary for comfortable work.

We often give excursions to children. After all, children are our future. And we, the whole Outsourcing team, were perfectly convinced that it was not worth worrying. Students of computer schools always impress us with their knowledge. It is very pleasant to watch love for IT technologies in childhood.

The kitchen is the citadel of communication. Here we not only eat, but also conduct discussions on various topics during breaks. Almost always it happens happily and actively. If you come to visit us and hear a contagious laugh, you can safely go into the kitchen. Here you can always drink a cup of tea or coffee, as well as talk heart to heart. It is here that the most creative ideas and beginnings usually appear. We guarantee positive attitude and a charge of optimism!

The next corner of our office is a meeting room. There we generate ideas and plan our projects, of course, with smiles. After all, laugh prolongs life and raises the mood! That is why, all meetings bring us not only many productive projects, but also positive emotions.

We always have an atmosphere where the employee is part of the team, where everyone is an integral cog in achieving a common result.

Well, the highlight of our office is a sports corner!
How many times have you seen organizations where there are sports equipment for employees? It’s difficult to answer, is not it? And we have a good opportunity to move, warm up and arrange a physical break. This is not only an opportunity to keep oneself in good physical shape, but also a guarantee of health!

Do you want to be the best? Learn!

Our team never stands on one point. We are constantly developing, improving our abilities and striving to keep abreast of all new technologies and techniques. We have a lot of certificates and diplomas, which we put on the wall. For example, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, courses Front-end Developer, HR and many others. All new employees can take advantage of the same opportunity. After all, the knowledge of one is the success of the overall result. We are a mechanism where every detail is important. We are a ship that sails to one goal!

Do you want to be a part of our team? Look forward!

We are open to new acquaintances. After all, perhaps the Outsourcing Team is the new peak that you have to face. If you are ready for constant development, then you are exactly for us. And we, of course, will help you with this! We will be happy to welcome you to our family!