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To pay or not to pay for CMS?

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If you have a free access to a certain number of site management systems, the opportunity to save money on them is a great temptation for project managers. We offer to understand for what purposes free version of CMS is enough, but in which cases it is necessary to purchase a full package of services.

The goal raises facilities

All projects are different, therefore it is impossible to say unambiguously which system, paid or free of charge, during their implementation should be used. But, nevertheless, it is possible to single out categories that are quite realizable on the basis of free tools. For example, it can be promo sites, online media outlets relating to news, or blogs and even small online marketplaces.

As for more larger-scale tasks, free CMS may not be enough to implement them. Especially if it is a question of own support service or a large number of pages with a mass flow of visitors.

Also, not having confident programming skills, you may have to look for and pay for the services of a specialist who will configure modules and plug-ins to enhance the functionality of the free of charge system. Or spend money on existing add-ins.

During the corporate projects implementing there is a risk of lack of an appropriate security level for their operation. It is caused by the fact that the developer of the management system does not provide technical support in the free package of services.

As you can see, the limitations of the free of charge CMS is evident. It is indicative that nevertheless most of the companies choose for themselves a more promising way of payment for expanding their capabilities.

Advantages of paid CMS

First of all it should be noted that a paid “engine” is an indispensable condition for well- selling online stores and corporate sites that plan long-term existence and development. In this case you acquire the product of one particular company the developers of which have prepared it as a single array with compatible elements, the functionality of which, in addition, can be expanded and supplemented as part of an individual approach to the client.

The use of one of these CMS is safe for the owner of the Internet resource, since security is a top-priority for the development of paid software products. Often they are presented with a closed source code for the sake of leveling the probability of hacking.

Another advantage is the technical support provided by the developer firm. Without extra costs and attracting additional staff to your team, its specialists will professionally solve any problem of the system in the shortest possible time.

Outsourcing as a method of achieving results

So, paid resources are more suitable for serious commercial projects and generally enjoy greater popularity. Therefore, if your plans are far-reaching, do not waste time working with free of charge management systems, since in the future you will most likely use them later.

It remains only to decide which resource to use, to which CMS entrust your business. At this stage one of the successful solutions may be to attract an outsourcing company. Such one will professionally select the best option for the implementation of your project, saving your time and nerves, and also protecting against unnecessary financial losses.

Staff of the Outsourcing Team company continues to arm you with useful information and is ready at any time to provide effective support.

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