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Does Instagram needed for business?

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All sources of potential customers, including users of social networks, are possible for business. Moreover, the number of social networks users constantly increasing. And with the advent of new platforms for communication, another audience is formed, as well as ways of submitting information. Today we will talk about one of the latest trends in the modern world of virtual communication – Instagram.

Statistics show that already 17% of adults use this social network constantly. Of these, more than 50% are daily, and a third of users visit their pages several times a day. Obviously, these figures are enough to launch your product or brand in Instagram, if you have not done it yet.

First steps

Begin the advancement with a well thought out plan. But first of all, it is necessary to perform basic actions, namely:

  • Create a page in social networks
  • Call it in accordance with the product being promoted
  • Place a logo for recognition
  • It is brief and understandable to describe the type of company’s activity or to point out the characteristics of the product / service being sold
  • Add contact information, including a link to the site
  • Configure page settings in the “Privacy” tab

Realizing these actions, do not forget about the visual design of the page, which plays an important role for the quality of promotion.

Further actions

Now it’s time for active communication with the audience. It will be best if you compile a monthly and weekly plan indicating the dates and topics of future publications. And in order for all the activities aimed at promoting the brand in Instagram were successful, we recommend that you adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Photos used in posts and page profile design should be of good quality.
  • Be sure to mark each publication with three or four hashtags #, suitable for the topic.
  • Share with the subscribers the curious moments that occur in your company. For example, one of the employees is clunky and today accidentally poured coffee on the keyboard, hurrying to write an interesting post. Take a picture and share it with the users, they will be interested.
  • Expand the audience by subscribing to the pages of those who may potentially be interested in your product. Upvote their posts, comment and they will most likely answer you the same.
  • Do video reviews, they are extremely attracting users.
  • Use specific filters to process photos. This will complement your style and attract the attention of your supporters.
  • Come up with various contests, it’s always a great opportunity to talk about your brand and fill the audience.
  • Develop a system of discounts. Offer bonuses for certain actions of your users, for example: upvote a post or share it, write a comment.
  • Serve your product or service at its best. For example, it is better to present clothes not on dummies and hangers, but on models. And when advertising coffee machines, show on the photo what high foam the machine can do.
  • Periodically, open the curtain of your company’s internal work. Subscribers will be interested to see a short photo report from the meeting or celebration of the employee’s birthday. Illustration of a new product that has just received will also be effective. Such publications will inspire trust among your admirers and will definitely attract attention.

During the operating the page in Instagram, do not forget to monitor the behavior of your audience. To do this, there are services such as Curalate and Blitzmetrics. They automatically analyze all the actions of subscribers: likes, comments, transitions to the site and the like.

It is important to remember that the profile of your company in Instagram is one of the tools of the marketing strategy and requires an attentive and professional approach.

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