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Creating Landing page  for the dog training school official site

We have supported a great idea to open a dog training school in the small town of Khmelnitsky. The goal was to create a single-page site, which will have maximum of information about the training school. There must be marketing Landing, where dog fanciers can register their pet on the lessons or on a training course.

What we did

Logo design is the primary task, which has to be done. The logo was created on the basis of the school Forward owner wishes. As a basis was used dog breed “Berger Blanc Suisse”. After creating logo the school for dogs has become more recognizable.

For the Landing design were important to convince site visitors to leave their contact details on the feedback form. An interesting solution for describing school services were special icons so you can easily understand what are talking about. In general, design of the site was made for dog fanciers.

We managed to make a multi-function website, so the client can find out more about the services, to find the answers on questions, contact the school or sign up for a lesson, just leaving own contacts. Our developers have made it maximally user-friendly using WordPress and Bootstrap, HTML, CSS design, PHP, MySQL. You can register your pet for the courses by phone since it is available in a mobile version.

Now you can get on the Landing page of Forward randomly with the help of search queries on the Internet. This was aided by SEO optimization. You can read interesting articles about training or to find answers to all the questions in the special section “Frequently Asked Questions”. Of course, all the rules of SEO website optimization are followed.

SMM promotion of the school Forward started, when there was no build school for dogs. This was done in order to attract more people to the group, thereby intrigued them about opening a new place for their pets. Before opening was launched a large-scale advertising campaign for the draw of free places on the training course. According to the site analytics it can be observed that most of the registration on lessons brings SMM.

Contextual advertising for the training school was set up by the phrases that dog owners often enter into Google and Yandex. In parallel with it on the thematic areas were showed the bright banners with text enticing for the potential customers of the client. As a result, the number of transmissions to the site was increased as well as the number of filled up questionnaires and calls from owners of four-legged pets.

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