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Khmelnitsky, Zarechanskaya Street, 3/1, floor 5, office 505

Gruzevitca 3
Gruzevitca 3

Web site and web design 2016 for the construction company Gruzevitca 3

We had a task to make a website with a maximum download speed. So that potential buyers have no suggestion to leave the site without waiting for its loading. We had to receive the selling landing which contains the useful information about the cottage town with good examples of ready-made houses.

What we did

Website development starts with design. In the project Gruzevitsa-3 it was important to attract people by the picture, so that the site visitor stopped his look at the choice of the favorite house, and later – to complete the capture form. Made in a modern style without unnecessary distractions.

The site is developed on WordPress using technologies HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.It is convenient to use not only on all the browsers, but also on the phone. We managed to develop the website as soon as possible. Thanks to SMS-notification after filling in the form on the site, with a few clicks the visitor becomes the owner of a new home in the cottage area “Gruzevitsa-3”.

The cooperation on this project in the field of search engine promotion was limited to updating the site with unique SEO-optimized texts. A characteristic feature of the construction project is the availability of land next to the housing. After consulting with the client, our SEO copywriter suggested to update news section with optimized articles which contains useful information for potential buyers. In addition, on each text were mentioned advantages of residential area Gruzevitsa-3 (e.g., the ability to create a beautiful landscape on the land next to the house). Accordingly to the search engine requirements were structured the meta tags. Thanks to the competent SEO-experts even without aggressive promotion strategy the site is in the top on the Google search upon the request “Gruzevitsa 3”.

Working on the project, the experts has analyzed more than 1,000 requests of the potential customers. As the result was created a list of phrases (those word groups, which are entered to the search box by potential real estate buyers). Those ads were shown to the residents of Khmelnytsky upon the requests “buy a house”, “buy a private house,” etc. As well as for the residents of other regions, who were interested in buying real estate with a clear indication of the location ( “buy a house in Khmelnytsky”). Advertising campaigns were adjusted during the promotional activity, for example, the sentence “Get a ticket to Egypt for the whole family when buying a house.” After customers filling out the contact form the manager of the building company was informed with SMS notification of the application and can provide further processing with the sales department.

Our client “Gruzevitsa 3” is a building company in Khmelnytsky. And we are managing the page in Facebook, as well as a group in Vkontakte. Our job is to write interesting and useful content, to update information, response to messages and comments of the potential customers. When we started cooperation, the customer’s wish was to provide the content in the Russian language. After analyzing the target audience, we suggested our client translate the page into the Ukrainian language. After receiving the agreement, we have updated all the information and made it more relevant, and made a new design. Our goal is to write content that would bring the result to the client.

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