Andrew Podvorniy

It was a pleasure to work in a team with professionals. People who know their stuff. I recommend them!👍

Alexandr Pogodin

The company Outsourcing Team helped to organize the promotion of the event "Gentlemen on the ring" in Khmelnytskyi. This team does their best and I'm grateful for that. It's cool that there are such mega active and forward-minded people!

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Oxana Nahorna

Thanks to the professional company Outsourcing team for development and renovation of our great site ) We are satisfied with its design and the possibility to fill it with new content by ourselves) Thaks all team for the fulfilment of all our wishes, you are great!

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Natalya Pavlenko

A great team of professionals. These guys are always ready to solve complicated tasks. I like their creativity and responsibility. I recommend working with these guys.

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Inessa Mashtaler

For today it is extremely hard to find the staff that can professionally work in a team. The Outsourcing Team is a group of active, persistent, and hard-working people. It is a great pleasure to work with this team👍 in particular respect to the chief!

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Виктория Гурницкая

These guys are real professionals and great people!!! I`m their CRM, IT, and SMM client.

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Vladimir Jaremchuk

I`ve found out about the company from their posts and events, where their leader was a speaker. If you need the complex decision from web development, advancement, CRM implementation and so on — this company is at your service. The work system is organized systematically.

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HR Hoverla

Every time, when I apply for Outsourcing company, I get the full information from professionals, quick answers to all questions, the portion of positive emotions and mood, and what is the most important — the desire to learn! Thank you for a great service and the opportunity to learn together with you!

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Alexsandr Budnik

Outsourcing Team is really a client-oriented company. In order to make such a conclusion, it was enough for me to communicate with specialists, who, by the way, are open-hearted and nice which is a rare thing today.

Julia Tyutchev

Hello! We had such a problem: we created an Instagram account for our shop but it wasn't a success. We were losing time and money and it was decided to ask Outsourcing Team for help. These guys analyzed the page product and found our target audience. In a month the account was working great! Having chosen Outsourcing Team was the only right decision! Now we are thinking of developing and order a site in this company. Thank you!

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Alex Arabov

The team of true professionals. The responsible one. The online shop was created due to the schedule. SMM support is efficient and brings results. They report about each of their steps, it is a pleasure for me!

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Jevgen Tokash

I recommend Outsourcing Team. They are highly responsible, friendly, and open-minded company!) The targeted advertisement they launched for me, brought so much leads that I didn't even expect)

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Arsenij Zarechniy
Arsenij Zarechniy

I am pleasantly surprised that there is such a company in Khmelnytsky. Now I am undergoing an internship, good colleagues who will always prompt and help, the company works as a single organism, everyone has a task. The company changed my mind about working in the office for the better.

Sergey Hetmanchenko

We are collaborating on SMM for five-month by now. During this period, there wasn't a single complaint. All plans and reports are in time, there is no need to remind them about it. If there is a need to change or to add new information, it is not a problem for them. They even initiate topics of giveaways. I trusted them the pages management and I didn't even try to penetrate, there wasn't much need, the guys are professionals and do everything by themselves!

Мы делали: SMM
Viktor Gorokhovsky

Before founding my online-shop, I clearly understood how I see it. It is a convenient, easy-to-use, and modern site. When I was in search of a company, I heard high prices, terms which I just couldn't afford and tones of unnecessary information and services which I didn't need but they desperately wanted to sell them to me. When I had the first meeting with the specialist from Outsourcing Team, I understood that I finally found what I was looking for. Our conversation was plain, transparent, and clear. In a few months, I received the site and I received my first orders. To this day there wasn't a single breakdown in site work. Besides the professional approach and fulfilment of technical task, I received helpful pieces of advice on sales and business management in general. Now we are launching Instagram Shop together.

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Diana Badr

I highly recommend Outsourcing Team for those, who are looking for creative and responsible professionals!

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Alex Ace

Hello! I am the owner of the online-shop of sport shoes. The guys from Outsourcing Team helped and are still helping me in launching the targeting advertisement of my shop on the Internet. During our first meeting, we discussed the strategy of work. Moreover, I received pieces of advice on how to improve business. I'm satisfied with the results I've already got. I'm going to keep on working with the company, for sure. My friends have already ordered the advertisement from OT. I'm expecting to get a little discount))

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Yuliya Vejko
Yuliya Vejko

The company is great! The team consists of real professionals who know their job well, fulfill orders efficiently and on time. I recommend)


I've ordered the audit of my site. At the end of the work, I've received the report. The great advantage is that everything was precise and clear. After that, I ordered the corrections of the site. September was a hot season for me and we launched advertising on Google. It was a pleasure for me, that the manager didn't fool me around. We talked on-topic and easy. And then, on Black Friday, they ordered me to try an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram at a discount. Now everything is OK. We already have a few orders in 2019.

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Anton Dylkov

I recommend OT as a team, that performs all the tasks in a complex. All work is done according to the brief and on time. Specialists are constantly in touch and online I think 24/7. Results of mutual work are really stunning.