Jevgen Tokash

I recommend Outsourcing Team. They are highly responsible, friendly, and open-minded company!) The targeted advertisement they launched for me, brought so much leads that I didn't even expect)

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Arsen Zarechniy

Thanks for sharing with us your atmosphere, showed the work of your company "live") We appreciate that such not small IT company can be wide open for all interested in your work.

Sergey Hetmanchenko

We are collaborating on SMM for five-month by now. During this period, there wasn't a single complaint. All plans and reports are in time, there is no need to remind them about it. If there is a need to change or to add new information, it is not a problem for them. They even initiate topics of giveaways. I trusted them the pages management and I didn't even try to penetrate, there wasn't much need, the guys are professionals and do everything by themselves!

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Viktor Gorokhovsky

Before founding my online-shop, I clearly understood how I see it. It is a convenient, easy-to-use, and modern site. When I was in search of a company, I heard high prices, terms which I just couldn't afford and tones of unnecessary information and services which I didn't need but they desperately wanted to sell them to me. When I had the first meeting with the specialist from Outsourcing Team, I understood that I finally found what I was looking for. Our conversation was plain, transparent, and clear. In a few months, I received the site and I received my first orders. To this day there wasn't a single breakdown in site work. Besides the professional approach and fulfilment of technical task, I received helpful pieces of advice on sales and business management in general. Now we are launching Instagram Shop together.

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Diana Badr

I highly recommend Outsourcing Team for those, who are looking for creative and responsible professionals!

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Alex Ace

Hello! I am the owner of the online-shop of sport shoes. The guys from Outsourcing Team helped and are still helping me in launching the targeting advertisement of my shop on the Internet. During our first meeting, we discussed the strategy of work. Moreover, I received pieces of advice on how to improve business. I'm satisfied with the results I've already got. I'm going to keep on working with the company, for sure. My friends have already ordered the advertisement from OT. I'm expecting to get a little discount))

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Viktor Maslovskiy

I`ve ordered the site development. The specialists did all as I wanted, although I messed with their heads a little bit, as during the development process I had new ideas and asked them to include them into the project. Thank you for your work and patience to such clients as me.

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I've ordered the audit of my site. At the end of the work, I've received the report. The great advantage is that everything was precise and clear. After that, I ordered the corrections of the site. September was a hot season for me and we launched advertising on Google. It was a pleasure for me, that the manager didn't fool me around. We talked on-topic and easy. And then, on Black Friday, they ordered me to try an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram at a discount. Now everything is OK. We already have a few orders in 2019.

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Anton Dylkov

I recommend OT as a team, that performs all the tasks in a complex. All work is done according to the brief and on time. Specialists are constantly in touch and online I think 24/7. Results of mutual work are really stunning.

Constantin Korchak

We applied for the company to get a consultation about the possibilities of modernization of the corporate website. I was surprised by the level of approach to the potential client. It is exactly the case when besides solving working issues, you receive the possibility to learn a lot of new information, see the work of IT-specialists and get a great experience. Besides, the chief of the company is a king of energy bowl and motivator, who, as a water swirl, drags in and makes you change your life for the best. As a result - I regularly receive a piece of advice from him on our mutual workouts, and its great as I get tones of positive emotions and also I've improved my physical form. But it doesn't mean that such results are waiting for all clients, it depends on their (clients') wishes.

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Tamara Kozytska

Professionals who are constantly developing their skills!

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On behalf of all our staff, I would like to thank the Company Outsourcing Team for such long and efficient collaboration. I want to notice that the company Outsourcing Team - is a young, friendly team who suggests unusual ways of improving and developing your business. This is a team of aimed specialists who can surprise and perform the best results in short terms. There are no frames for this team, they are ready to move forward despite the expectational difficulties. During the work with this team, we understood that they are able to do tasks of all levels of difficulty. That's why if you have projects or business and you want people to make it well-known, Outsourcing Team is the right decision for you.

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The true professionals. They performed all tasks due to the schedule and, what is more important, they did it on a high level. The specialists always kept in touch and did all tasks fast. They did nor just website development but it's filling up. It is noticeable, that they are trying to find an individual approach to each client. We are 200% satisfied with the performed job. Thanks to the company Outsourcing team!

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I've enjoyed working with Outsourcing Team. The guys are professionals in their field.

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Volodymyr Podolian

The best digital-agency! I recommend them!

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