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The role and functions of the Project manager in the structure of the IT company

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Planning and in-time implementation of IT projects is a very difficult task. Only the active participation of the manager in the development process will ensure the successful implementation of the idea. Competent distribution of responsibilities between team members, the ability to resolve conflicts and negotiate with the client are the basic skills of a good specialist. The result of the team depends largely on the work of the Project manager. You can have the most creative designer, the best programmers and an interested client with a huge budget, but without a good coordinator the result will be very mediocre. Let us see what tasks the Project manager should set for the project to qualitatively complete even the most complex project?


Timely implementation of IT projects

Tasks and functions of the Project manager

In general, IT projects can fail for several reasons: due to poor planning, uncontrolled expansion or an unrealistic timeframe. Project manager is the person whose knowledge, skills and experience ensure the life cycle and the success of the implementation of the assigned tasks. The manager should have both communicative and technical skills. Often good managers are obtained from former developers or testers. In and of itself, the availability of technical knowledge does not guarantee the success of a particular specialist. An important factor is the combination of charisma, leadership qualities and the ability for negotiations. Communication with customers occupies a significant part of the working time of the Project manager, so one of his/her top priorities is the ability to listen and understand the needs of the customer. When the budget and terms are stipulated, the organizational skills come into play. Create a team and coordinate the interaction of its participants. It is a task that seems easy at first view. Minor conflicts, coordination of the sequence of changes from the customer, “fastening” of the additional functional and other “pleasant” trivia often knock out the project from the schedule. If the manager is eager to do his/her job well, then all the problems are solved quickly enough. Creating and conducting presentations for the customer is a separate task, the implementation of which requires extraordinary talents and efforts. Unfortunately, in our time clients with a low degree of understanding of software development processes are often met, but with a great desire to control the slightest changes in the course of the project individually. Interaction with them requires not only high technical skills, but also diplomatic talent.


Personal qualities and temper

The position of PM attracts wide rights: the ability to set tasks, monitor developers, make proposals and create presentations for clients. All this opens up a huge space for the realization of ambitions. Personal qualities and character of PMBut without the ability to cope with stress, clearly plan working hours and take responsibility, the project quickly gets out of control, and the result is moved further and further. Emotional stamina, organization and leadership qualities are the key to successful Project manager’s work. Not everyone can withstand such loads. Sometimes talented developers, after getting a promotion to PM, after a while return to a technical position. Therefore, when choosing a career, one needs to focus not only on technical knowledge, but also on personal abilities.


Manager of Internet projects without obtained technical education

In some cases, the Project manager may not have a technical background. Frequently such specialists are attracted when the company is oriented toward foreign markets — professionals with a good knowledge of foreign languages ​​in our country are still worth their weight in gold. If a person has a desire and necessary personal qualities, then in general terms the technical part can be studied in a few months. Of course, such a turn in a career, let us say, a linguist, requires considerable effort and huge work on yourself.


Some lyrics

Project manager is a fairly versatile character. He/she is a doctor, a fireman, and a lawyer all rolled into one.

Project Manager is a versatile character

Each project is something like a patient. Sometimes You need to prescribe medication or conduct a small operation. And the decision that is best for the patient’s health is often in the hands of the doctor. If You do not use all available means in time, the patient may even die.

The project is a house. Leaders are responsible for all fire prevention measures: from the alarm installation to the operational fire extinguishing with a hose.


Every project manager is a kind of lawyer. The rules, guidelines and “laws” systematize the efforts of the team, and the supervisor controls this process and sorts out the conflict situations.

You can apply many metaphors to describe how important the role of management in IT projects. But in by no means must we forget that a positive result depends on a whole set of factors: availability of professionals with specialized work experience and knowledge; technologies and equipment necessary for solving problems; general understanding of the specifics of the project depending on its business objectives … And, of course, a team. Or even not so, and so — the TEAM! Its participants influence each other and the result of the project, adapt, learn and communicate with each other. Design, development, promotion in social networks, search advertising … Specialists with their own point of view, certain requirements and responsibilities take care of the full work process.


Only the harmonious work of all the cogs of the mechanism can lead the project to a successful conclusion, the project that will meet the requirements of all stakeholders. And the success of the project is recognition and a well-deserved reward for the Project manager.


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