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Quick guide to management of communities in the Instagram and Facebook

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Article informs about effective management of groups and pages in a social networks. You will learn to create artwork, to choose a format of images to Instagram and Facebook. You will learn about right communication with subscribers and about fight with negative comments.

All information in the article it is possible and necessary to apply in a practice.

Number and time of publications

Unified scheme, thanks to which page or group in a social networks become popular, does not exist. This is individually and depends on specific company and product, that it offers. Try, analyse and improve your actions.

How much to post?

During the preparation of information observe next 3 regulations.

  • Quality and usefulness of publications. Mems, which have already published, will not give benefits to your community in the social networks.
  • Regularity. The time interval should always be adhered to. Regardless of it is one day or target week.
  • Optimal quantity of publications. Do not clog up a news feed of the followers by many posts. Let the publications go less often but will be more quality.

If you promoting small business, then in the Instagram post 5 times per week, in the Facebook — 3 times.

Publication time

Carefully study the statistics of a page or group in social networks. Set the peak activity time of the target audience. Publish posts at this time. The analysis of involvement and outreach will provide information about what format of content your audience likes.

For young groups such recommendations:

Instagram — 5 publications. Best time: 6-11 am, 6-11 pm

Facebook — 3 publications. Best time: 10-15, 7-10 pm


  • attach geolocation
  • put hashtags
  • add emoto
  • explain to subscribers why you invite them
  • call for action
  • write in a colloquial style
  • be concise, no more than three sentences
  • add photos of subscribers with reviews


  • write in one style
  • add to publications images
  • do not write too much
  • explain to subscribers why you invite them
  • call to action
  • write from the first person

Hashtag is an important toll of promotion. Their search should be approached seriously. This will help the Websta service.

Important!Do not choose popular hashtags. They will quickly drop publication down. Also do not fit too sophisticated – they are inconvenient search for information. Set hashtags with average popularity.

Formalization of publication

Illustrate the textual information with images. A source can be various: make new photo to the smartphone or camera, choose the illustration on archive or download from the photo stock.

Publication should be readable. In this will help:

  • correct heading
  • alternating short paragraphs with long
  • concise and understandable suggestions

Strong headline

Good way to make a headline, which will attract the user is Six Thinking Heads.


Important, that text will be orderly. Such a message is perceived easy. The reader will not stumble on unnecessary punctuation.

Achieve accuracy will help:

  • space after punctuation
  • headings and subtitles
  • bulleted lists
  • quotes

Preparing the image

Use a specific editor for images that you publish. In it select 2-3 filter and apply them to all publications.

Optimal photo size


  • aspect ratio: 3:2
  • can be a square image
  • do not use a vertical photo

Suitable width – 1200 pixels


  • better look square image
  • acceptable horizontal photo
  • do not use a vertical image

Suitable width – 1000 pixels

Before posting

Check text for errors. Re-read the written before sends a message.

How to communicate

After publication begins a new stage of work. Now important to answer to comments of audience.

  • React to every comment. Even if the message does not require a detailed response. Sometimes you can reply with a smile or like it.
  • For messages, in which subscribers ask a question, answer as much as possible in detail and deployed.
  • Respond quickly. Let the audience know, that you are actively involved in communicated with it.
  • In Facebook communicate without unnecessary officialdom, in Instagram — more simply, but without familiarity.

How to respond to negative comments:

  • communicate simply and without unnecessary emotions
  • answer only to the author of negative comment
  • be discreet and polite, do not go on insults
  • back up your answer with facts, conclusions and arguments.

Important!Enter into a dialogue only if you are calm and emotions do not boil inside you.

Notes for work with groups and pages in social networks:

    1. Analyze statistics
    2. Put the text in order
    3. Illustrate information
    4. Call to action
    5. Give feedback
    6. Work with the negative

Adhere to this recommendations and very soon the group or page in social network will give the first results.

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