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SEO trends in 2018

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Technologies are developing rapidly. Every year, we are pleased with the creation of the new methods of web development, relevant applications, as well as methods for promotion of the websites. In this article, we’ll talk about SEO-trends in 2018.

1. Link building

In 2018, link building will become even more popular. In this case, there is no need to earn links that do not increase the value of the company and do not increase its reliability in the target niche. Also, it is not necessary to use links received from websites with high ratings. What is really important – its relation to the industry in which the company operates. The next year, a successful SEO strategy will focus on getting links and developing useful contacts that will be beneficial in the long term.

2. Mobile-first index

There is a high probability that Google in 2018 will launch a mobile-first index, many companies will notice a positive impact on their success of mobile devices. Also, the demand for Google AMP is expected to increase, the technology speeds up page loading 4 times faster, which leads to an increase of the users stay on the website by 35%.

3. Virtual assistants and voice search

The technology of voice search greatly influenced the way we process information and communicate. Virtual assistants are gaining increasing popularity and, as a consequence, the way we search for information is gradually changing. Currently, according to Google statistics, 1 out of 5 search queries is performed using voice search. These processes change the search market, and in 2018 only the number of requests made in this way is expected to increase. Speaking of the SEO strategy, you need to focus on long-tail queries and use a natural form of speech, as communication with voice assistants occurs in the form of a dialogue. As far as the accuracy of speech recognition increases, more people will use voice search. A great influence on the integration of this function is provided by the ability to manage smart houses. Dialogue search offers new opportunities for content marketing and SEO, providing interaction with the user.

4. User experience

To improve the performance of the website, first, you need to assess its download speed, navigation structure and readability. Studying the patterns of behavior, you can learn a lot of useful information, if the time of users staying on the website is about 30 seconds or less, this may be indicative of the poor-quality content of the site or UX. More and more people are viewing different content from a mobile phone, so it’s important to pay special attention to this component as well.

5. Machine learning and artificial intelligence

These two areas have a direct impact on the ranking of search results, helping to find the information in the context of queries and providing a more personalized search.

6. Expanded and quick answers

For zero position in the search results is a big competition, which is caused by the popularity of quick answers. According to Stone Temple Consulting, Google returns ready-made responses for 30% of requests. Graphs, tables, lists – extended answers, which are quite common. In addition, it is useful to create content that has the form of questions, this makes it easy for Google to retrieve data. At voice search, the optimization of content for ready-made answers is gaining more and more relevance. Applying these two methods simultaneously increases the company’s chance of getting into the top SERP. A well-considered strategy significantly increases the conversion rates and authority of the company.

7. Popularity of visual search

More and more users prefer materials in a visual form. Hence there is a need for visual search. Bing, Google, Pinterest are already engaged in the development of search engines of this kind. Visual materials attract more and more, and the use of innovations forms a competitive market.

To summarize, we can say that traditional techniques will continue to show high efficiency, but the methods mentioned above can bring SEO to a new level. Focusing on new trends, you can get better results and, combining them with the old, create an effective strategy for the next year.

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