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The role of the project manager in the implementation of effective design of web projects

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Effective design is the key to the success of the project. To implement it, the project manager must correctly distribute tasks among the team members. Assessment of labor costs and analysis of the finished product compliance with the requirements set in the brief is the primary task of management, which can not be implemented without a systematic approach.

The well-coordinated work of the team is the main factor in the successful implementation of the project. During the development of an online store or an information site (regardless of price and complexity), the designer is faced with different tasks, which should be announced and planned by the project manager.

We bring to your attention a brief list of the main responsibilities of the manager coordinating the project implementation process.

1. Planning meetings and communications within the team.

Spontaneous actions of individual participants can negate the overall result of the team. It is important to distribute tasks competently among the employees and draw together the efforts of each of them. Updates and meetings – this is something that must be taken into account in the initial planning of the project.

2. Team building

The availability of appropriate skills is the main factor in staff selection. It is important to understand that each participant should increase the value of the product and improve its quality. Ability to work according to the technical task is good, but not enough. The singularity, the possibility of improvement in the process of implementation is appreciated.

3. A clear distribution of responsibilities.

The distribution of functions among project participants greatly affects the speed of work. The better each individual employee understands the overall goal of the project and its contribution to it – the better result will be done.

4. Preparation for the implementation of a design.

In addition to the layout, the participants must be prepared for the design implementation after receiving the primary files and sources. Preliminary analysis is the key to rapid error detection in the final product.

5. Creating a system of step-by-step documentation.

All edits, changes, and improvements must be documented. This process helps to avoid repeated mistakes when different bugs appear in the development and determine the key purpose of the design.

6. Criticism and review of the finished product, but not the designer as a person

The project manager must analyze the result of work for its compliance with the requirements of the brief. The designer’s inspiration and artistic abilities must not be criticized. This approach motivates the participants of a project and inspires them to work more efficiently, but the remarks about the employee’s lack of talent – vice versa, demotivate him and reduce productivity.

7. The clear direction of the designer’s work.

Elimination of defects and improvement of the project depends on the performers, the project manager should only point out the shortcomings. It is necessary to pay attention to the moments of “drifting” – when the designer focuses on a minor nuance, giving him too much energy. In this case, the project should outline the problem and direct the efforts of the employee in the necessary direction.

The designer must take into account many nuances. The visual component will be evaluated by the customer first, and then by the user. A beautiful, convenient and memorable design is an important part of the implementation of any project, be it an online store, an information portal or a personal blog. The work of the project is imperceptible, but it is very important for the effective and timely implementation of the tasks.

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The task of the project manager is to ensure uninterrupted work on the project, but the presence of an excellent manager does not guarantee a successful result of the project. A team, paying a proper attention to the key factors will help to bring the project to real success.


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