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Trends of SMM-promotion in 2018

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The activity in the social networks of many famous brands has long ago looked beyond the promotion of commercial offers. Now this is more than business – it’s a way of life, accessible and distributed by supporters of certain values, united by a trademark. To be involved in it is fashionable and honorable.

Such approach provides a special role for the content strategy. Its implementation in social networks by branded companies is often their main marketing activity.

What to base SMM-promotion in 2018?

Taking into account the tendencies to increase the popularity of social networks and the forecast of their development in the future, there are 7 basic principles for the formation of a successful brand strategy for SMM promotion this year.

Principle 1. Definition of objectives

To know what and how to do, we must first understand and indicate what we want. Define the purpose of creating a page in social networks and periodically analyze its relevance, correct if it is indicated by analytical information.

The best way to formulate goals is using the SMART method. In this case, they will be measurable, real, concrete, relevant and will have a clear deadlines.

Principle 2. One style

The ideal option is to create an Identity Guidelines of brand. So you will achieve visual identification of your product and create a recognizable identity among users, regardless of which social network or messenger they use.

Principle 3. Competition focus

When content is creating, concentrate on the competitive advantages of your brand in relation to other participants in the niche. So you give a clear message to the audience about what the brand represents and what benefits it gives to the potential consumer.

Principle 4. Scrupulous planning

Instance of publications in social networks should be clearly planned and not depend on anyone’s desire or well-being. In order to keep the audience it is necessary to adhere to the frequency of submission of the material, not to allow long pauses between publications. To do this, it is necessary to compile a generalized content plan for six months, more detailed – for a month and very detailed for a week.

Principle 5. Professional Content

Every minute on facebook and Instagram appears about one thousand new photos and about 300 thousand updated statuses. Think about how much information! Therefore, it is so important to do everything to make the content about your brand attract the attention of users. And to achieve this, it is possible using photographs and pictures of exceptionally good quality with a thoughtful plot. They will definitely gratify the eyes and make the audience to hold their attention to the content.

Principle 6. Diversity

Saturate your posts not just with photos or videos. Use the greatest possible variety of information delivery, for example: animation, photo, video, live, backstage, Stories. Write down the different direction of the videos – those that can teach, inspire, help in something to understand.

Principle 7. Involvement

For the success of the content strategy, it is important to get the audience involved, that feels involved in the development of the brand and can even influence it. To do this, use techniques such as: polls, competitions, thematic discussions, testing and other means of communication. This will give you the opportunity to identify the most active and devoted admirers, mark them with any encouragement and cause the rest of the audience to be in their place.

We hope this information will be useful to you and your content strategy will bring great success in SMM-promotion of your product. And if this does not happen, the Outsourcing Team is always ready to provide professional help and support in promoting your business.

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