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Popular trends in web design: 2018

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Qualitative and convenient interface, interesting content – these are the basic components of the success of any web resource. The availability of a wide range of tools for both web development and design, allows users to present their products in a completely different way today. But from the wide variety of approaches in web design, it is still possible to highlight the most popular and attractive ones in this year. Let’s consider some of them.

Futurism returns

Using in the design of futuristic techniques gives the effect of dynamics and movement. Being very popular at the beginning of the 20th century, this style glorified the era of cars and personified technical progress. In the modern world, futuristic design projects fantastic vision of the future, where robots and computers flooded the entire space of human civilization.


The simpler the better. Design strives to easy and understandable forms. Such web resource is comfortable to use. It does not shine with the play of colors or the saturation of content. The predominant color is white and the space free from visual elements prevails. This solution is great when you need to create a universal and multifunctional web design.

Depth and volume

Implies the addition to a standard flat design by volume elements. The bulk effect is achieved due to shadows. Thus, a simple design in the style of minimalism remains the same convenient, but with nice visual attributes and a sense of the depth of the picture.


In view of rapid growth in the use of mobile phones and tablets, and, correspondingly, the decrease in the number of computer admirers, a priori adaptability in web design should be provided. In particular, this applies to such an important attribute of any company as its logo. It is necessary to develop several visual solutions for the logo, so that it looks like a great desktop, as well as a small screen smartphone.


Non-standard and non-ordinary stories always attract our gaze. And what could be more beneficial for brand promotion, how not is its clear identification in the eyes of users. Use the drains of icons and art to create your own corporate identity.


Draw attention to your resource with the help of moving elements in the design. It’s about GIF, mobile banners and other animations. So you can focus the audience’s attention on certain interface details.
Also it’s worth noting that a parallax effect is gaining popularity in web design. Sites developed using this special technique look really impressive and modern.


To attract user attention and prolong the time spent on a web resource, it is important to ensure the convenience and functionality of your design. Using the technique of micro-action, you will create a truly human-oriented design. Visitors will definitely appreciate this and will not remain indifferent to the product being promoted.

Bright gradients

Once popular, gradients of bright colors have not been used for a long time with the scale as before. But the latest trends in the world of web design are making their own adjustments. Now colorful saturated colors, scattered through the elements of the interface, are also trends in modern digital design.

So, 2018 promises to be a year of bright colors, dynamics and unusual illustrations in web design. Designers will be able to show more freedom, using the widest arsenal of existing techniques.

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