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Why and how to use the most popular hashtags in Instagram

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Instagram is a global service that arose in 2010. The number of users is growing, approaching 1 billion. Bloggers promote microblogging, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers, celebrities receive millions of followers. Companies use Instagram to support interest in popular brands in order to increase the recognition of unknown products and services.

If you put a # in front of the word, a phrase, text turn into a hashtag. Keywords describe the topic of posts. Used in most social networks, popularity gained in Instagram.

Tags help you unwind your account, find information on other pages. Some use hashtags for likes in the instagram. This tool can quickly send the page to the TOP.

Objectives of use

contextual advertising services

  • Definition of the topic.

Just designate the topic of publication. For example, # music, # food, # rest, # love.

  • Create a rubric, blog topics.

It is customary to structure not only the content of the site, but also information in the blog. Readers find it difficult to manually find specific thematic posts. Therefore, they put thematic hashtags. For example, a blogger writes about books, puts # like to read, # book # tip. These are popular tags. In order for subscribers to find posts about a particular genre, a book, you can put the tag #Novel_blank’s name.

  • Help in hold a contest, giveaway

The followers put a hashtag, which indicates their participation in the contest. This helps identify the participants, choose the winner. Bloggers unite, conduct thematic insta-marathons. For each marathon come up with a unique tag.

  • earch for User-generated content

User content refers to a specific brand, published by social network users. Usually this is a photo, video calls, to which a tag with the brand name is put.

The company is looking for information on its hashtag, then uses data to promote the brand. For example, it shows a video on the page, publishes reviews as content for the site.

  • Attraction of subscribers

The user searches for the hashtag of interest. Instagram shows the latest publications that relate to this topic, as well as publications in the TOP. The reader can subscribe to any account.

  • Search for new customers

Companies put tags with the name of the service, product, location. For example, # photographer_Kiev. Potential clients find them easily.

How to use

popular tags

So, hashtags are divided into:

  1. Personal. Original tags that have not been met before. The goal is to popularize the brand, the original blogger content. Required for those who seriously suits the promotion of the blog, a business account.
  2. Thematic tags
  3. The number of publications more than 100 thousand in the category of the most popular hashtags. You need to use it carefully to avoid the ban.
  4. The number of 50 – 100 thousand Helping get into the tape. Perhaps the user will find the publication through the search, will subscribe to the account.
  5. The number of posts is less than 50 thousand. It is easy to get into the TOP, but fewer users are interested in these topics.
  6. Heshtags with geographical names. Involve followers from a particular country, city, region.

How to choose a hashtag

content for the site

Instagram allows you to put 30 hashtags under one publication. The larger number looks sloppy, leaving no room for text.

You can select in such ways:

Independently. Analyze pages of competitors. Think about how you would look for your own account.

With Instagram. Enter a hashtag in the search bar, the social network will suggest similar options.

With the help of tools

To find the most popular tags in instagram help programs:

  • websta.me
  • hashsales.ru
  • stapico.ru
  • gettags.ru

hashtags for likes in the instagram

Put the tags in the nominative case. It is better that they consist of one word. If you put a phrase, a phrase, remember that you can not put a space between words. Use underscores between words. For example # summer_day. Dilute, alternate hashtags.

You can not use words that relate to violence, obscene vocabulary, and those of a sexual nature.

To achieve success will help an integrated approach: the development of website promotion, SEO-optimization, You can use the services of contextual, targeted advertising, the management of groups in social networks. SEO will help raise the site in the search output, Contextual advertising will quickly attract users.

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