Website promotion in web search engines or what is the right way to attract a client

Where is my website?
Why do I not have
any calls?

Unfulfilled expectations

Many entrepreneurs are confused about the promotion of the created website. Most beginners hope that they just should make their own websites, "put it" on the Internet, and people will immediately visit them. Unfortunately, it is not the truth. интернет, и посетители сразу же набегут толпой глазеть на произведение мысли собственника и рук веб-разработчика. К сожалению, это не так.

Great rivalry

Do you remember how many competitors do you have at the level of your native city? And what about the country? On the Internet everyone competes with everyone, and most users do not look beyond the first page of the search engine. At the same time, there are a huge number of firms offering, for example, "sneakers of black color and 42 size". The traffic of your site and your profit depends on the place where the search engine finds you.

Non-professional approach

Unknowingly, many owners of online stores and blogs make standard mistakes while choosing a contractor. In result, these errors lead to a decrease in the position of the site in the SERP. People do not see the information on the site, do not enter the catalogs, do not read the articles, and the site "falls" more and more in the ranking of the pages of the World Wide Web.

Final result

  • Notwithstanding the enough information, the website is badly ranged by search engines, there are such things as obvious reduction of search results and getting under filters.
  • It is impossible for the website to be in top position because of overspamed key requests.
  • Not very smart inner optimization and increasing of external reference masses can guarantee your website low position in search engines.

We offer

Complex approach to SEO optimization that will help to increase the website traffic, get new clients and increase sales.

We will perform the website audit - detect technical and logical errors.

The audit includes a comprehensive analysis of the structure of the site for compliance with the requirements of search engines,
validation of the code, searching for "broken" and cyclic references, analysis of texts on keyword spamming
and on uniqueness from the point of view of search bots.

We will correct technical errors, even those that were made before.

Remove "broken" links, duplicate pages, generate and correct robots.txt and sitemap files, configure redirects from site mirrors.

We will implement analytics systems - install and configure Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica systems.

And, if necessary, we will also make an e-commerce module.

We perform internal optimization - create a semantic core and do the correct re-linking.

Due to the analysis of users' search queries, we will write seo-optimized articles, adjust
internal linking and improve site usability.

We will carry out external optimization - we will establish the process of increasing the natural reference mass.

We encourage the promotion of the resource by active "live" links on trust sites and in social networks.


Web development

Веб-студии Украины и всего мира весьма благодарны Брендану Эйху, Марку Андрессену и другим программистам, создавшим JavaScript в далеких 90-х. Сегодня JS используется в миллионах приложений по всему миру, а рядовой клиент, заказывая сайт на Украине, даже не задумывается, сколько людей участвовало в процессе разработки языка, с помощью которого будет реализован его проект.

Web development

При разработке любого web-сайта (как небольшого интернет-магазина, так и регионального информационного портала) важна слаженная работа команды. Back-end и front-end — это две части единого целого, и от их гармоничной работы зависит конечный результат проекта. Для начала давайте разберемся в общем смысле понятий back-end и front-end.


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