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Website promotion in search engines or How to attract customers

Offline businesses associate primarily their online activities with the development of own websites. Many entrepreneurs have some misunderstanding regarding the promotion of the resource. It seems to the majority of online beginners that you have just to make your own website, put it on the Internet, and visitors immediately start to stare at the result of the owner’s work and the web developer’s thoughts. Unfortunately, this is not true. Remember, how many competitors do you have at the level of your native city? And countries? On the Internet, everyone competes with everyone, and most users don’t look beyond the first page of search engine results. At the same time, there are a lot of companies that offer, for example, “black sneakers of 42 size”.

Your site position in the search result defines both the attendance of your site and your profit. Because many owners of online stores and bloggers do not understand this, they make standard mistakes. These mistakes lead to a decrease in the site position in the search results. As a result, people no longer see the information on the site, do not go to the catalogs, do not read the articles, and the site further and further “fails” in the ranking of the World Wide Web.

What are the typical mistakes of optimizers and site owners, when promoting in search engines?

Poor internal site structure

  • 2 or more URLs for the same product;
  • confusing directory hierarchy (for an online store);
  • lack of quick search in articles (for an information portal or blog).

Result: Despite the sire has enough information, it is poorly ranked by search engines, search bots do not go to most pages.

Wrong built semantic core, keywords spam

The semantic core is a list of key queries relevant to the subject of the site. In other words, the semantic core is the phrases that people, interested in your products, enter the search bar. Often, when keywords are added in the form of a list in pursuit of the maximum number of queries, it negatively influences the search results.

Result: Reduced search results of the site, falling under the filters.

Non-unique content

Articles, copied from other resources, will not bring traffic to your site. Moreover, non-unique content serves as a signal to search engines about the site low quality. Such materials can easily drive the result of your work under the filters, and the site will never get into the issue of such desirable key requests.

Lack of internal relink

Almost every Internet user has heard about the importance of link mass. References to external sources are bought and sold, but it does not always bring results. Only a few people thought about the importance of internal relink then on your site an additional mass is used for promotion.

Absence or poor implementation of the linking threatens your site with low visibility in search networks.

What Outsourcing team offers

Outsourcing Team specialists offer an integrated approach to search engine optimization, which will allow you to increase site traffic and get customers from search engines.

So what will we do?

  1. We will conduct an audit of the site and identify errors of both technical and logical nature. The audit includes a comprehensive analysis of the site structure for compliance with the requirements of search engines, checking the validity of the code, searching for “broken” and cyclic links, analyzing the texts in overspam with keywords and uniqueness from the point of view of search bots.
  2. We will fix technical errors: eliminate “broken” links, duplicate pages, generate and correct robots.txt and sitemap files, set up redirects from site mirrors.
  3. We will implement analytics systems, install and configure Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics systems, and, if necessary, an e-commerce module.
  4. We will carry out internal optimization. We will build a semantic core based on the analysis of user search queries, write seo-optimized articles taking into account requirements to the text, adjust the internal linking, improve the usability of the site.
  5. We will conduct external optimization. We will adjust the process of natural increase of the link mass, stimulate the promotion of the resource by active “live” links on trust sites and social networks.

Attracting customers is a result of our work. Website promotion will lead to higher positions of the website in the natural results of search engines. A higher issue will attract more interested visitors. The more visitors will give more customers.

Growth in sales of goods and services. Getting to your site from the search engines Google and Yandex, interested buyers will significantly increase the number of orders for your goods and services.

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