Web design trends 2020: how to create cool sites now

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Web design trends 2020: how to create cool sites now

Over the past six months since the beginning of the year, many important changes have taken place in the field of website development. If you are a novice specialist or a professional who wants to offer an innovative product to customers, the 2020 web design trends are what you need to know. At least, if you do not want to be out of business one day just because you are afraid to integrate extraordinary ideas.

Experts have been talking about drastic changes for a long time and it seems that, as predicted by Raymond Kurzweil, Google’s CTO, the era of changes has begun. Having studied the main trends presented below, you can create a personal vision of where web design is moving and how to win against the background of competitors. Or maybe you will become one of the main innovators and will set the tone in the development of portals that can surprise and justify even users unspoken wishes?!

Key trends in a specific context

Talking abstractly about how the site of the latest generation should look like is problematic. Therefore, we suggest studying the best developments carefully and use examples to understand advanced technologies and ideas.

working with me

The first trend of 2020 is asymmetric elements and a non-standard grid. They are fully manifested on the website of real estate expert Jemimah Barnett. It instantly attracts attention by combining pictures and typography. Fixes the effect of smooth transitions and two-tone gradients, which the creator decided to use as a background.

If you want to create a beautiful website design, then in 2020 you need to abandon straight lines, giving preference to organic and flexible forms. The following projects perfectly demonstrate this trend:

  1. From the first minutes, Mawla provokes positive emotions, which combines hover elements, expressive CTA buttons and careful study on WordPress using css3, html5. Ingenuity in web design are added with large preview images that form a separate layer and strike with shadows with a gradient.
  2. The BeBold web design developed by Swiss experts shows how presentable and creative the figures flowing into one another and the interactive user interface look.

Significant changes in 2020 predict web design in retro style. Now it will have more borderline shades and restraint. A combination of orange, red and yellow are in trend. On the real estate site you can see how to make web design with a touch of antiquity. Turning to the site, the user gets the opportunity to read the legend of a time traveler who is in search of ideal accommodation. The elements of magic and an unusual grid allow to interest and hold attention, and organically integrated components of the corporate style are imperceptibly put into memory.

Definitely, all kinds of intersections fall into the TOP trends of 2020 as a way of highlighting individual phrases and web design elements. Do you want the visitor’s eyes to immediately move to the brand name or product name? Then boldly cross it out, but just remember that it should be a separate layer to create a sense of three-dimensionality, as in Mad Studio. In general, it is very important not to overdo it and think over what the final result will be. Otherwise, the trend will turn against you instead of making web design as receptive as possible.

mad studio

You can “overlap” graphic content by creating separate dice with descriptions, as the creator of the resource on white Belgian beer did. In combination with a retro design, this technique looks especially impressive.
graphic content

Thereafter, the Hero-header is also in the 2020 web design trends, from which experts expect more conciseness and an unusual presentation of text information and graphics. Until now, this area of the site has not been especially modernized, since it already coped with the task — to attract an audience from the first moments after the transition.

A great way to add a twist is to have a powerful visual line and a captivating headline similar to what Discord creators offer. An additional factor in focusing attention is the interesting animation, which causes positive associations.


No one bothers to use another trend in 2020 — the header at the bottom of the first screen, as freelance specialist Andreas Nymark did. Its web design also attracts a scrolling effect, combined with unusual navigation and increased free space on top.
Andreas Nymark

What you definitely need to take note of for web design specialists in 2020 is the active use of typography. Or rather innovative fonts, which due to improved coding, are now a great many. If desired, using typographic effects it is possible to transform two-dimensional images into 3D images, which is perfectly shown on the ARCHE68 website. The curved menu looks especially stylish, on which the gaze immediately lingers.


What else should website creators pay attention to in 2020?

The trends of the current year do not end with the listed innovations. And here are those that are worth exploring for everyone who is just discovering web design or striving to constantly evolve:

  • Orientation of UX to the needs and experience of customers, combined with maximum personalization. The trend is the use of artificial intelligence, which allows each visitor to feel like a VIP client. The essence of the 2020 trend is to offer exactly those services that a specific person needs. So web design experts will have to work closely with content managers.
  • AR or augmented reality is a trend that provides ease of visualization and allows you to demonstrate creative ideas and projects to targeted audience. The modified environment of the real world involves a combined effect on the organs of perception.
  • The introduction of sticky elements — in 2020 in the visual appearance of sites there will be even more informative and graphic blocks. Thus, it turns out to optimize the internal navigation, saving the user from scrolling up or back.
  • The maximum use of CSS3 animated elements is in the trend of web design repetition, time delays, wave-like differences, etc.
  • Chatbot integration. A stylish website design is, of course, good, but do not forget about practicality. Thanks to such robots, you will ensure uninterrupted user interaction with the administrator, technical support service, etc.
  • Card Layout is the 2020 trend in web design, which allows to achieve the effectiveness of displaying information on one page. Key points are briefly displayed, for example, advantages or services of the company, and to find out more in detail, just click on the icon.
  • Using the progress bar helps the user navigate in time when performing targeted actions. If before your eyes there is a scale with a visual status, it is much more convenient to place an order for a product or service. A very useful trend of 2020 for everyone involved in e-commerce.
  • Storytelling in various forms, such as GIF animation or videos. In 2020, the visual design of stories in web design will strengthen its position, allowing you to make sites more interesting and motivating.
  • Adaptive logos are a trend that users are simply delighted with, so experts expect that its popularity will continue to grow. Responsive corporate identity is a basic requirement for mobile versions. They vary in size depending on the diagonal of the devices, performing both an advertising function and improving positions when ranking by search engines.
  • Full-screen videos placement. A 2020 web design trend, which requires especially careful work on the structure of the resource. Video as a background is a great idea for two reasons: you can effectively present the history of the development of the company and maximize the involvement of target audience. Given the characteristics of modern devices, this option for presenting content is suitable for both the computer version and mobile.

Particular attention to graphics

The images in 2020 and subsequent years will definitely come up with particularly high demands. The main trend is creativity and in what specifically it will manifest itself, it is up to the developer. For example, to attract interest in eCRM-systems, the creators used vivid color combinations and photo painting.


Especially for those who want to be in trend, we have compiled a list of current methods of working with graphic content in 2020:

  • combining geometric patterns and shapes in web design to create a holistic image that will appeal to target users. Although three-dimensional elements are at the peak of popularity and you should not forget about 2D, and if you try, you can create an original mix of technologies;
  • minimalist studio-format photographs provide focus on the necessary details and do not let attention to “spray”;
  • cinemagraphs is a new trend that will become in 2020 an organic complement to gifs. The bottom line is that static images with partial animation are added to web design, which makes the look of the site extravagant;
  • font uniqueness, translucent buttons and gradients — all together they reflect a minimalist trend, making the project truly stylish and convenient;
  • parallax effect involves changing the location of key elements and the background, emphasizing the dynamism of the site and making it the embodiment of advanced technology.


Obviously, the era of FLAT-design has come to an end, and those who want to be ahead of the rest need to use the 2020 web design trends. Only in this way will it be possible to offer customers not only high-quality, but also a creative service in the form of an interactive and useful site for targeted audience. The main feature of web design 2020 is experiments, so do not be afraid to bring something new to the standard scheme. The more innovations, the higher the user rating will be and accordingly the better the attendance rates. And to become the best in your business, be sure to learn what the front-end developer should know!



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