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We start projects from scratch: we will create a website ourselves and bring you clients.

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6 reasons to order services in Outsourcing Team

Strategy development
We set adequate deadlines and adhere to them
Full range of services for making the business online
Comprehensive Marketing
Flexible client-oriented approach
Basic search engine optimization during website development
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We use the most updating technology to provide the best digital product and take your business to the next level

Александр Погодин

2019-05-19 13:59:23

Команда Outsourcing Team помогла организовать продвижение мероприятия "Джентльмены в ринге" в Хмельницком. Это команда вкаладывается в проект на полную отдачу, за что им большое спасибо. Очень круто, что в Хмельницком есть такие мега активные и продвинутые люди!


Антон Дыльков

2019-01-30 17:26:18

I recommend OT as a team, that performs all the tasks in a complex. All work is done according to the brief and on time. Specialists are constantly in touch and online I think 24/7. Results of mutual work are really stunning.


Влад Демецкий

2019-01-29 17:09:43

Это компания с профессиональным подходом.С ОТ я посмотрел на маркетинг совсем с другого ракурса. Считаю что что если ты хочешь результат нужно быть лучшим в своём деле, именно поэтому доверил свой проект им в руки).


Ирина Пашко

2019-01-29 17:08:55

Начали работать с Outsourcing team с самого старта. После первой же встречи не было никаких сомнений, что они знают что делают. Результат не заставил себя ждать!


Павел Фомюк

2019-01-29 17:08:28

Молодая, активная команда с умным и инициативным руководителем.

How to order website development at Outsourcing team?

Do you need website development and its further promotion on the Internet? Our web-studio Outsourcing team works in the field of IT and Internet Marketing. We work not only in Khmelnytskyi but also all over Ukraine. We develop websites and Internet shopping sites, provide services in further support and promotion of your projects. Our company’s activities aim at your online business development that gives a stable and steady income.

Our focus

Outsourcing Team consists of highly qualified IT professionals. During our work, we have gained ready-made solutions to diverse tasks, as well as ideas for the implementation of modern concepts. Our clients are business owners of various commercial areas. It is possible to create sites in Khmelnytskyi, Kiev and any other region.

We offer the following services:

  1. Prepare web projects.
  2. We develop websites, Internet shopping sites, and online services.
  3. We create a unique web design and brand identity.
  4. We implement CRM (customer relationship management system) and automate business with its help.
  5. We provide SEO and site promotion.
  6. We guarantee an increase in conversion rates and site attendance.
  7. We provide SMM services, which is a promotion in social networks.
  8. We provide advertising services: targeted and contextual advertising.
  9. We register domains and choose a reliable hosting.
  10. We provide site technical support: error detection and its elimination.
  11. We improve and change configurations.
  12. We add necessary sections, blocks, directories, and information.
  13. We work with ready-made web resources.

The main advantages of ordering the site in Outsourcing team:

  • Our work process is strictly organized.
  • We analyze your competitors to create an effective business strategy.
  • We measure results and adjust our strategy to minimize costs.
  • We control and verify each stage of work.
  • We offer several ways for solving problems.
  • We estimate the project and tell you the time needed to complete this work.
  • We follow new technologies and concepts, thanks to which we improve projects.

Decide on the service you want to order: the web development or work with the finished product. Leave a request or contact one of these numbers. We will tell you in detail all the needed information, find the best option for your specific situation, and discuss it.



Zarechanskaya Street, 3/1, floor 5, office 505

+38 (044) 390 11 27

+38 (097) 168 54 51

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