Yaware Timetracker: your efficiency manager

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Yaware Timetracker: your efficiency manager

Yaware Timetracker: your efficiency manager

How to organize working time for your employees properly? How to track their efficiency? Why your company suffers losses if the workers constantly sit in front of their computers? These and other questions get in the hair of many chiefs and managers.

Yaware Timetracker

That would be cool to track the working time of employees not just above ground but to measure their productivity and what do they spend their office hours on. The application Yaware Timetracker was created for that purpose.

About the app

Yaware timetracker lets to monitor employees’ office hours and to evaluate their efficiency. If you want to improve work of your colleagues, increase the level of discipline and to get the full image of the day — Yaware timetracker will help you out.

With this app you can:

  •  rate workers’ productivity;
  •  monitor late attendance and often breaks;
  •  see, who really works hard and who skives off work;
  •  track the meetings;
  •  estimate the level of workload;
  •  calculate the salary, if there is an hourly wage in your company.

With this program you can be sure that your employees will get the salary, they really deserved

About the app


You will never again pay for “hand waving” since in Yaware database are over 15000 Internet pages, divided according to the level of efficiency onto:

  1. productive — needful for work;
  2. neutral — applications, which sometimes may be useful;
  3. non-productive — resources, that decrease the job efficiency.

Applying of Yaware timetracker in our company


Applying of Yaware timetracker in our company

The company Outsourcing Team is a partner of Yaware timetracker for half a year. During that period we have highlighted such advantages of labor time tracker:

  •  opportunity for employees to measure the level of productivity by themselves;
  •  workers became more concentrated on their tasks, they do not get distracted on other things and thoroughly plan their day;
  •  the full image of the working day is always on hand. Everything is transparent and correct;
  •  tracking their progress, team members motivate themselves with their success.

How to install Yaware timetracker

The installation of this application takes 20-30 minutes and can be set on many computers simultaneously:

  1. download the application into your computer;
  2. install Yaware timetracker on PC of your employees;
  3. in 15 minutes you can see the efficiency of their work.

How to install Yaware timetracker


Start using this program today — Save your time and money and properly distribute workload over your workers.



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