Facebook SMM: the main thing you need to know about for a successful promotion

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Facebook SMM: the main thing you need to know about for a successful promotion

It is now vital to advance in social networks for those who want to get high sales figures and build a positive image. Facebook seems very promising in this aspect, but achieving the desired results is not easy — at least the basics of SMM Facebook are required. Without special knowledge, you risk investing a considerable amount, but not attracting targeted users to your site. We have prepared an overview on how to proceed when planning and implementing a Facebook advertising campaign. Study the trends of 2019 and the advice of professionals to understand everything and begin to effectively promote your business!

The specifics of using Facebook for advertising purposes

Our marketers began to use social media relatively recently, but they were already able to understand that the future lies with SMM. Another thing is that not everyone has an understanding of the tasks and what Facebook is as a business promotion tool. And if the performer himself does not understand the essence and effectiveness of social media, then he is not able to explain to the customer why he should invest money in this. This situation needs to be corrected, so hereinafter we bring to your attention the functions that SMM on Facebook can perform (depending on the specifics of the business):

  • to increase loyalty from potential and current customers;
  • to grow the number of transitions from the company’s account to the official website and ultimately an increase in sales;
  • to attract interest and increase the number of participants in ongoing promotions and sales;
  • to inform target users of the goods and services offered.

A competent SMM campaign on Facebook aims to track and reach the maximum number of business references. In turn, the task of the person who deals with it is to constantly make interesting new posts, initiate reposts and respond to user comments in a timely manner. Ideally, you need to work not on quantity but on the quality of the target audience.

Another important question — why is it worth investing time, effort and money on Facebook? SMM in this social network is most attractive because of the huge reach of the audience and the initial adaptation to the needs of the business. In particular, it is here that you can interest media representatives, CEOs, businessmen, popular bloggers and prospective young people.

But there is one significant nuance — you need to understand how to promote a post on Facebook, and not to count on instant results. The essence of such marketing is in the formation of positive associations and motivation for cooperation, and not in direct sales. No one will read frankly advertising texts, so as part of the SMM on Facebook, you need to work a lot and seriously on content. In addition, if you intend to form a productive relationship with the online community, keep in mind that the main focus is on the general feed. It contains news, links and notes that the user puts friends and subscribers by likes. A profile will be successful in which promotional offers will periodically slip between information that is useful to readers.

First Steps

Developing in the field of SMM on Facebook, you need to adhere to certain algorithms. At the initial stage, it remains to be decided what exactly to create — a page or group. The choice is individual, depending on the scale and specifics of the project, but for advertising purposes the first option is more suitable. Their functionality includes statistics on visits and installation of applications, indexing by search engines and open access for unregistered users. Other advantages are the absence of restrictions on the number of participants, an advertising widget and two available formats:

  • community — designed to publish materials on popular topics;
  • company’s page — allows you to implement SMM on Facebook in almost any field, creating an official virtual representation in a social network. Given the latest restrictions of the administration, the company needs just such a page, not a regular account.

Before writing a post on Facebook, the administrator will have to deal with the available promotion tools. The basic options include status indication, publication of notes with RSS subscription, demonstration of tabs with possible restriction of access, forum. Everything else — only by installing the appropriate applications.

SMM on Facebook involves a special approach to choosing an avatar (it is better to set a logo) and description, taking into account the requirements of search engines due to indexing. When the number of subscribers exceeds 25, address creation becomes available.

You strive to quickly increase the number of participants? Then it’s worth thinking about integrating the advertising widget and making adjustments to the promotion settings. An indispensable SMM assistant on Facebook will be the “Like” button, which you need to add to each of the buttons on your site. If you believe the statistics, the influx of users to resources where you can put likes doubles, of course if there is quality content. Another useful option is the comment widget, which allows users registered on Facebook to participate in the discussion. At the same time, a corresponding mention will appear in his profile.

Here are a few more nuances that require attention from future SMM area on Facebook:

  • be sure to keep track of statistics — weekly reports that you will receive by e-mail will reflect the success of the advertising campaign;
  • do not use identical materials on the site and on the Facebook page;
  • in the absence of a specific action plan, try experimenting with topics;
  • publish texts and photos between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. or around 10 p.m. — during this time period the network has the largest number of active community members.
  • Read more about writing posts and their role in SMM Facebook below.

Essentials for SMM Facebook success

Anyone who has encountered or will face marketing in social media in the future should be able to work on high-quality and beautifully designed content. Without this SMM in general and Facebook in particular would be ineffective. The main requirements that must be taken into account when using Facebook to promote:

  • relevant information that you want to like;
  • mandatory reference to the company’s website or online store;
  • thinking over the topic and content of each post, taking into account the needs of the targeted audience;
  • a serious approach to choosing an image is the optimal image size for a Facebook post is 1200×630 px, the profile cover should be at least 720 px wide, the profile picture should be from 320×320 pixels. The photo should be clear and attractive, you can use a variety of computer and mobile editors, such as Avatan, Crelo or traditional Photoshop. The text on top of the picture does not have to be large in order to move along the tape;

Facebook SMM: the main thing you need to know about for a successful promotion

  • start an active discussion, it is enough to publish a post “on the topic of the day”;
  • Facebook SMM requires attention to the selection of the title — it should be intriguing, not too long, with a question or appeal and ideally with the addition of numbers;
  • use Facebook Stories. This is a universal SMM tool that works without failures;
  • publish extremely short and capacious posts that will capture and stimulate specific actions (express an opinion, share experience, like, etc.);

  • activate SMMBox — the application will give a chance to create and successfully manage several Facebook groups. The scheduler provides access to statistics, which is especially important for SMM;
  • try to make as many reposts as possible – this will turn out to achieve growth in likes and increase the base of subscribers.

How to build a successful SMM campaign on Facebook?

There is no single algorithm for achieving high results for Facebook SMM, so be prepared to act by trial and error in any case. What is suitable for large corporations is completely irrelevant for small and medium-sized businesses. The direction of activity also plays a significant role, for example, it is one thing to engage in the promotion of a beauty salon, and quite another is a metalworking enterprise or a private kindergarten.

Now Facebook and other social networks are actively focused on optimizing content, which makes SMM difficult. More precisely, it requires a lot of effort from advertisers, whose tasks include compiling publications that will be most useful. Against the background of fierce competition, this is not so simple, but realistic if:

  • to develop and use corporate bots;
  • to spare no effort and time for routine work with the page, in particular, viewing posts and writing responses to comments;
  • think carefully about the strategy and not concentrate on any of the SMM tools on Facebook;
  • do not to increase the advertising budget just like that — if you follow all the tips listed in the article earlier, but without success, then increasing the costs is impractical. It would be wiser to change the administrator or invest in another type of promotion;
  • constantly fight for readers — SMM Facebook is not a one-time action, but a systematic work that a professional should do;
  • remember a corporate website or online store — SMM and Facebook are only helpers in promoting your business, and if your portal is boring and inexpressive, you won’t have to rely on the influx of customers;
  • carry out monitoring at every stage, starting from website development and drawing up an SMM strategy on Facebook, ending with tracking and introducing new products.


Without a doubt, Facebook SMM is a promising area that can and should be mastered by everyone involved in digital marketing. You will succeed if you know how to lead a community on Facebook, in particular, choose the right topics, compose headings, etc. To attract and retain an audience allows unique and useful content, cool pictures and reposts. Do not forget about the regularity of publications, because if you “forget” about the page for a long time, then returning the audience will not be easy. Finally, do not miss the news – the use of trends is guaranteed to make the SMM campaign on Facebook effective!




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