How to manage communities on Instagram and Facebook

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How to manage communities on Instagram and Facebook

The article informs about the effective management of groups and pages in social networks. You will learn how to choose the right time for publication, to create its design. You can choose the right image format for Instagram and Facebook. Learn how to communicate with commentators under the publication and the fight against negative comments.

All information from the article can and should be applied in practice.

Number and time of publication

There is no single scheme by which a page or group in social networks becomes popular. This is individual and depends on the specific company and the product it is promoting. Try, analyze and improve your actions.

How many to post?

When preparing it is important to observe the following 3 rules:

  • The quality and benefits of publications. Memes that have already published many communities will not benefit your group or page on social networks.
  • Regularity. Interval need to adhere to always. Whether it’s a day or a week.
  • The optimal number of publications. Do not clutter up subscribers with a large number of posts. Let the publication come out less often, but will be of higher quality.
  • If you are promoting a small business, then on Instagram post 5 times a week, and on Facebook – 3.

Publication time

Carefully study the statistics of the page or group in social networks. Set a peak audience activity time. Post at this time.

An analysis of engagement and outreach will provide insight into which content format your audience likes.

Here are recommendations for a young group:

Instagram — 5 publications. The best time: 6-11 a.m. and 6-11 p.m.

Facebook — 3 publications. The best time: 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and 7-11 p.m.


  • write in the same style
  • add images to the publication
  • don’t write too much
  • explain to subscribers why you invite them
  • call to action
  • write in the first person


  • attach geolocation
  • put hashtags
  • add emoji
  • explain to subscribers why you invite them
  • call to action
  • write in a conversational manner
  • no more than 3 sentences
  • add photos of subscribers with reviews

Go to the choice of hashtags seriously. This will help service Websta.

Important! Do not choose too popular hashtags. They will quickly throw your publication down. Also, do not choose too complicated, it is inconvenient to search for information using them. Good hashtags with medium popularity.

Visual side of publication

Illustrate textual information with images. The source may be different: take a new photo on a smartphone or camera, select an illustration in the archive or download from photo stocks.

Visually, the publication should look like it is wanted to read. This will help:

  • correct title
  • alternating short paragraphs with long
  • concise and clear sentences

Strong headline

A good way to create a headline that will attract the user is the six hats method.


The important point is the accuracy of the text. This message is read easily and naturally. The reader will not stumble over unnecessary punctuation.

To achieve a neat appearance of the text will help:

  • spaces after punctuation
  • headings and subheadings
  • bulleted lists
  • herringbone quotes

Image preparation

Use a specific editor for all images that you publish. Select several filters and apply them only to all publications.

The optimal photo size


  • aspect ratio: 3:2
  • perhaps square image
  • do not use vertical photo

The suitable width is 1200 pixels.


  • square image looks better
  • horizontal photo allowed
  • do not use a vertical image

Suitable width is 1000 pixels.

Before posting

Before you post, you must:

  • check text for errors
  • check links

Submit the publication only after verification.

How to communicate

After the post is published, a new phase of work begins. Now subscribers will respond to your information. It is important for you to respond to comments.

  • React to every comment. Even if the message does not require a detailed response. Sometimes you can reply with an emoticon or like.
  • To messages in which subscribers ask a question, answer as much as possible in detail and unrolled. Such communication can turn an ordinary subscriber into a customer.
  • Answer quickly. Let the audience know that you are actively involved in communication with her.
  • In Facebook, communicate without unnecessary formality, on Instagram – more simply, but without familiarity.

How to respond to negative comments:

  • communicate simply and without emotion
  • reply only to the author of a negative comment
  • be discreet and polite, do not go to the insults
  • reinforce your answer with facts, conclusions, arguments


Important! Enter into dialogue only if you are calm and emotions do not boil inside you.

Cheat sheet for working with groups and pages in social networks:

      1. Analyze the statistics
      2. Put the text in order
      3. Illustrate the information.
      4. Call for action
      5. Give feedback
      6. Work with negative

Adhere to these recommendations and very soon the group or page in social networks will give the first results.



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