SMM-promotion in social networks: the main trends of 2017

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SMM-promotion in social networks: the main trends of 2017

The number of Internet users in January 2017 was up to 3.77 billion, that’s half of the population of the Earth. 2.8 billion are users of social networks.

SMM - главные тренды 2017 года

Did you know that about 500,000 likes are put on Facebook every minute, 350 and 85 million photos and videos are uploaded daily to Facebook, Instagram and other social networks?

To stand out in this vast ocean of users, you need to know what relevant tools for SMM-promotion of the site and account to use.


What trends are relevant in 2017 among SMM-specialists?


Новая функция соцсетей - потоковое видео

  1. Streaming video

The function of live video is now available not only on YouTube and Periscope but also on Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

Streaming video allows you to broadcast from important events, answer questions live, arrange a vote or the whole show. But the main advantage is that subscribers receive notifications about the start of broadcasts and such posts are always at the beginning of the tape.


    1. Content personalization

Improving the efficiency of SMM requires the use of special tools. Almost all social networks today offer the possibility of personalizing your advertisements. Advertising can be shown to residents of a particular city, men or women, up to 25 or after 40 years. Retargeting is also possible, ads are shown to users who have already visited your site once.


Targeting and retargeting, thanks to these tools you can customize the display of advertisements for a clearly filtered audience of users. Now budgets are spent deliberately, advertising is shown to users who with a high degree of probability can become your customers. A relatively new feature is the look-a-like audience. They are composed of users similar to your site visitors. Application targeting helps to attract customers to the site, and retargeting, to keep and make the client permanent.


  1. Исчезающий контент в соцсетяхDisappearing content (Stories) Following Snapchat, disappearing content appeared on Instagram, Vkontakte and Facebook. The publication, which lives 24 hours, allows you to post several photos at once, draw on them and not clutter your account. Stories are automatically shown above “permanent content”, so they will never get lost in the feed. In Stories, you can:
  • hold contests with tips, living just 24 hours;
  • show the process of creating something or interesting moments from the life of the company;
  • announce new products or events.

SMM. The struggle for traffic is getting tougher.

All social networks are moving away from the chronological order of publications in the news feed. Facebook and Instagram analyze more than 10,000 factors when choosing a post to show. Paying attention to users every day is becoming increasingly difficult.

To date, there are several ways to raise the post in the tape:

  • use of actual content that will be shown in the search results;
  • use of targeting (paid advertisements);
  • use of new features that are rapidly gaining popularity (in Facebook — video, in Instagram — stories);
  • use of new SMM channels to promote sites, combining activities in different social networks.

SMM experts are increasingly turning to opinion leaders.

A blogger who is well versed in goods or services of a certain category, or simply a popular person with a large audience is the leader of opinions. Post in the feed of a popular account can score hundreds of likes in minutes. If s/he talks about a product in a positive way, his/er subscribers pay attention to it. Especially well the strategy of “post reviews” works in women’s topics: cosmetics, jewelry, bags, shoes. This way of promotion has significant advantages: large coverage (depending on the number of blogger subscribers), low cost of advertising and a much greater influence on the audience than advertising posts from the brand itself.

Лидеры мнений в социальных сетях

Opinion leaders can work for free, by barter or for money (the “item for review” option is gaining popularity). The first two options significantly reduce the cost of product promotion. Interestingly, novice bloggers with a relatively small audience, say, 10 thousand people, are much more likely to agree on a barter option, and the result from the post may be even higher than that of a well-rounded hundred thousand. This is explained by the warm “tube” atmosphere, when many subscribers know a person personally and are actively interested in his life. The main disadvantage is that not every account or business can be promoted in this way. For example, the method is unlikely to promote a website development studio.


All these trends are transient, as well as the interests of users. Marketers should understand that SMM promotion on social networks is just one of the advertising channels, the goal of which is to get not many likes and subscribers, but real profit. We must also understand that SMM alone is not enough. For example, to promote a web studio site you need to connect other promotion channels.


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