Chatbot to help displaced people in Khmelnytskyi

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Chatbot to help displaced people in Khmelnytskyi

The war has changed the lives of millions of people, forced them to leave their homes in a panic and seek refuge in safer cities in Ukraine! One of these shelters was our native Khmelnitsky.

Since February 24, many migrants from the eastern and central regions of the country have been heading to our city, hoping for help from local residents. Therefore, we have no right to be inactive!

From the 1st day of the war, our team:

  • converted office rooms 502 and 505 into temporary housing for displaced persons;
  • collected things, food, mattresses, bedding, personal hygiene products and everything necessary for people who came to us empty-handed;
  • contacted social organizations and enterprises in Khmelnytskyi and the region that could provide housing for refugees.

As a result, we managed to create a large volunteer community and spread our opportunities to help people!

The number of applications was constantly increasing – there was a need to automate processes. Therefore, we created a convenient chatbot for migrants and people who want to help.

Features of the chat bot

In today’s world, digital technologies open up many opportunities for quick, convenient and effective help!

Therefore, when the volunteer activities of the Outsourcing.Team team began to gain momentum, the idea arose to transfer communication with migrants to a chatbot.

  • No need to wait, draw up a lot of documents and coupons for temporary housing;
  • There is no need to search the Internet for organizations and enterprises that can provide housing, call them and explain their situation again and again.

The chatbot works conveniently not only in the technical but also in the psychological sense.

Opportunities for migrants

So that a person who finds himself in an unfamiliar city with no resources for existence can find shelter, you just need to press a few buttons in the chat bot:

  • Choose a convenient area for living in Khmelnitsky and the region;
  • Specify – for how long you need housing;
  • See if there are available seats;
  • Obtain an address or phone number where a contact person can be contacted.

That is, when a person calls on the phone, he already knows that he can get housing for a certain time in the right area!

Opportunities for volunteering

There are a lot of Khmelnytsky residents who want to help the migrants start a new life! These are not only businesses and charitable organizations, but also ordinary people!

Therefore, anyone who wants to provide housing for people from the hot spots of Ukraine can:

  • Offer accommodation / sleeping place in your house for a while;
  • Update information on the number of available seats;
  • Leave your contacts in connection with the migrants.

Join the chatbot to help displaced people!

A chatbot is a prime example of how you can get the right data as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Two-way communication allows every Ukrainian to find help or help. So join! Unite for our common Victory!



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