Information front of Khmelnytskyi Cyber ARMY KHM in the Telegram channel

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Information front of Khmelnytskyi Cyber ARMY KHM in the Telegram channel

Objective of the project

Cyber ARMY KHM is the information front of the city of Khmelnitsky in the telegram channel! It was created by our team at the beginning of the war – February 27, 2022.

Objective of the project:

  • Fight against any sources of disinformation that spread lies about the events in Ukraine. These are different groups, personal accounts, channels, videos, news resources, etc.
  • Coverage of true news about the fight against the invaders in all available resources.

Anyone who wants to help Ukraine can join the channel, has a phone and 10-15 minutes of free time!

Cyber ARMY KHM members perform tasks that help fight the enemy on the information front. Blocking one enemy account can save thousands of minds from propaganda and lies!

How it all began?

Since February 24, many media resources have been formed every day, publishing disinformation about events in Ukraine. Therefore, the idea arose to create an information front to combat these resources and spread the truth around the world.

To achieve the goal, our specialists decided to create a Telegram channel, which anyone can join via a private link.

Target audience of the channel:

  • Ukrainians living at home or abroad;
  • foreigners;
  • Russian citizens who want to free themselves from the influence of propaganda or who are looking for reliable news.

What did we do

  • On February 27, 2022, we created a Telegram channel and published the first tasks. The participants, who had already managed to join, began a merciless fight against the enemy on the information front! We attached detailed instructions to each task so that as many people as possible could help Ukraine and contribute to the Victory:

  • We have distributed the link to the channel among the relevant media resources of Khmelnytsky.
  • After increasing the number of subscribers, we fixed messages with a link to the channel so that each participant could invite acquaintances, friends and relatives to the information front.

Each challenge posted on the channel was related to:

  1. Blocking inaccurate media resources (publics, channels, videos and on YouTube, social media accounts, etc.);
  2. Distribution of truthful information, reference and motivational content to Ukrainian and foreign audiences.

What results have we got so far

At the beginning of the creation of the Cyber ​​ARMY KHM information front, the number of participants was about 400 people. The majority of subscribers were active youth of Khmelnytsky.

But gradually we managed to attract people from all over the world: from schoolchildren to pensioners!

As of July 1, 2022, the number of participants is already 3,170 people. The audience is constantly expanding. This means that we are doing a really important job!

Over 100 tasks have been completed for the entire existence of the Cyber ​​ARMY KHM information front! The members of the channel have made significant strides in spreading the truth and blocking fake news accounts.

Further development

We form and publish new urgent tasks for the warriors of the Cyber ARMY KHM information front.

Anyone who has a telephone and a stable civil position can join the channel and help our country reach Victory!

As Ivan Franko bequeathed to us: “Serve the truth, burn the untruth!”



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