Project of the Charitable Educational Foundation Support for Ukraine

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Project of the Charitable Educational Foundation Support for Ukraine

The idea of ​​creating a project

Since the beginning of the war, millions of Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes, lose their jobs or homes. The statistics are astounding!

The destruction of one mall in Kyiv led to the unemployment of 1800+ workers!

To date, more than 283,000 Ukrainians have been left without work.

Our team decided to take part in a charity project for the training and employment of those affected by the actions of the occupiers.

The goal of the project is to help Ukrainians to get up-to-date professional skills, find a job and start building a new life.

Introduction to the project

Support for Ukraine is a public organization of a charitable project for the training and employment of internally displaced persons in the city of Khmelnitsky.

The project is expected to:

  • Free courses for migrants and residents of Khmelnytsky who suffered during the war;
  • Training and retraining of Ukrainians who are trying to build a new life;
  • Assistance in finding employment for temporarily displaced and those left without a permanent job;
  • Collection of charitable contributions to fulfill the task of the project and help Ukrainians.

Steps to achieve the goal

Our team actively participated in the organization of the charitable project Support for Ukraine:

  • Formed a work strategy;
  • We developed a website for raising charitable funds, informing people about training opportunities and registering for courses;
  • Participated in attracting teachers with experience in educational activities and relevant certification;
  • Created a working environment: prepared a room, equipment, materials for study;
  • We actively cooperate with our partners and solve the issues of employment of graduates.

What have we achieved

The result of the charitable project is literate and employed people who pay taxes in Ukraine.

This helps our Fatherland not only to restore the economy, but also to form a highly qualified developed nation! You can also join a charitable educational project as a student, volunteer, teacher, or sponsor.

Thanks to Support for Ukraine, every Ukrainian can start building a new life with the support of caring people.

Helping each other is an important contribution to our common Victory!



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