How to set up Facebook ads 2023: step-by-step instructions

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How to set up Facebook ads 2023: step-by-step instructions

Despite the good results of contextual advertising and SEO promotion, Facebook advertising has become an effective tool for attracting potential customers and buyers. The point is the features of the social network itself and the behavior of users. People on Facebook easily share their data, preferences in food, leisure and more, post content they like, mark places they have visited, etc. Thanks to this, advertisers set up effective ads and often choose a thinner audience. This allows you to attract potential customers to the sites, significantly increase sales. For this reason, the number of requests for “How to effectively set up advertising on Facebook” is growing every day. The benefits of advertising on Facebook include:

  • a large number of users. Facebook today is considered one of the largest social networks, where you can find accounts of people from almost all countries of the world. In addition, there are more middle-aged and older people here than, for example, on Instagram;
  • almost unlimited possibilities when designing ads – choose unusual options to attract the attention of users. There are practically no restrictions on visual design (unless they contradict the rules of the social network);
  • the ability to choose the option of setting up advertising, which allows the business to choose the direction;
  • unobtrusiveness of ads in a social network. This is perhaps the most important feature of Facebook. Here, advertising is dosed, as a result of which it does not irritate the user. This increases the effectiveness of advertising – the user reads the ad, and does not immediately scroll through it;
  • segmentation of the audience by interests – an ad about discounts on ski equipment will not be shown to people who prefer a “lazy” holiday in hotels by the sea on an all-inclusive basis.
  • Facebook advertising is an effective promotion tool. Properly setting up Facebook Ads which will quickly attract an audience to the site and increase sales, increase the loyalty of potential customers to the company, and introduce the products of a new brand.

How to correctly create an ad and not get confused already at the initial stage? How to set up advertising on FB to increase brand awareness, loyalty of potential customers? Is knowledge required for this? A step-by-step Facebook ad setup will help even a novice to cope with the task. We offer instructions on how to set up Facebook ads. We will briefly talk about the features of advertising settings, the rules of a social network, methods for evaluating effectiveness, etc.

How to Create Facebook Ads with Ads Manager: Step by Step Guide

Before starting work, you need to create an advertising account, add a business page. Once you’ve completed these jobs, find the “Create” button in your ad account.

You must choose:

  • campaign goals. They depend on the objectives of the business. For example, if you offer a new product and want to introduce it to the target audience, distribute it, choose recognition. It is necessary that the user goes to the site or resource to view a video, catalog, etc. In this case, choose the option “leads”. “Conversion” is needed if the purpose of the advertising campaign is to make a profit from the sale of goods, services;

  • where users will go to. This can be a mobile application (or a link to download it, a company website, a messenger with a built-in chat bot);
  • target audience. We strongly recommend not to experiment. It is better to choose the target audience that the marketer identified as part of the preparation of the advertising campaign. Over time, Facebook itself will offer to create an audience, expand it;

  • ad placements. Facebook offers 4 platforms for advertising at once: Facebook Audience Network, Messenger, Instagram and the social network itself in the full, mobile version. In the advertising account, you can choose the version in which the ad will be shown (mobile, desktop or both), the type of operating system and other placements. For example, you can set up ads that will be shown only in the feed, messenger;

  • advertising payment method. Allocation of the advertising budget is not only a guarantee of efficiency, but also significant savings. You can “drain” the entire amount quickly and still not get a result. We recommend setting a schedule for withdrawing funds for advertising (every day, once a week), a schedule for displaying ads (you can set the time, day of the week, etc.), form of payment (per clicks, impressions);

  • betting method. On the Facebook social network, you can set your “own” bid or choose the option of automatic selection. The cost is determined at the auction and depends on the set cost per click, the assessment of relevance and the frequency of interaction between ads and users. Most experts recommend choosing the automatic setting option. Firstly, the automatic bidding method works more efficiently, and secondly, with this method, the cost is lower;
  • ad format. Facebook offers five options: one picture, one video, slideshow, image gallery, and carousel;

  • parameter setting. At this stage, text, picture, video are added. How to set up ads on Facebook? Remember that advertising should be interesting and catchy. Otherwise, even ideally tuned, it will not bring the expected result.

After launch, the ad is moderated and appears in the messenger, the user’s feed.

Ads Manager or Business Manager?

How to connect ads on Facebook? In the social network Facebook, management is possible using two tools: Ads Manager or Business Manager. What is the difference between them? Ads Manager is a tool suitable for beginners. Functionality and opportunities are enough to set up an advertising campaign. Ads Manager is acceptable in cases where setting up ads is required from time to time, and the user is doing this for the first time. You can use the tool on a PC, mobile device.

Note! When setting up an advertising campaign on a smartphone, not all functionality is available. We recommend using a computer.

Business Manager is a tool for solving professional problems. To work with it requires knowledge and skills. The tool is used if necessary:

  • organize work between several employees who will manage the advertising campaign;
  • connect multiple payment sources;
  • promote advertising campaigns of several clients at the same time (this is necessary for advertising specialists, agencies, etc.);
  • collect information from multiple pixels.
  • Business Manager is an effective tool for setting up Facebook ads with advanced features. It allows you to competently create a campaign and manage it.

Facebook advertising rules

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a customized advertisement to not pass moderation, and the work has to be started all over again. Why it happens? Most likely, you did not read the rules of the social network. You can find them on Facebook, this is public information, so we won’t duplicate it completely here. In short, advertising is prohibited on the social network:

  • tobacco products (including electronic heating systems, etc.);
  • spyware and unlicensed games, etc.;
  • products, services that do not actually exist;
  • medicines, dietary supplements and related products;
  • goods intended for an audience of 18+;
  • all types of weapons.

In some cases, partial advertising of goods and services is possible. For example, you can advertise alcoholic beverages, but the ad must comply with local laws. Also, restrictions are often present on dating sites, microfinance organizations, etc.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign

Is advertising generally worth the effort, time and money invested, or should I choose another way to promote goods? You can evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign a few days after the launch. However, we recommend waiting for some time (1-2 weeks) to get an objective picture. So, to analyze the results, you need to follow the algorithm:

  • find your ad in ad manager. Here you can see general statistics, evaluate the result and its cost, and estimate the amount spent on advertising. You can add fields in the manager yourself, because different criteria will be evaluated for different products and services. Before you start analyzing the cost of the result, ask what data is typical for a particular niche;

  • click the checkmark next to the ad. On the tabs that appear, you can evaluate the demographics, placement, and performance of the advertising campaign. What does it mean? Demographics allows you to determine the active audience that responds to advertising. On the performance tab, you can see the cost of a click for a selected period of time (day, week, etc.). The placement tab displays the geolocation of people who respond to ads;
  • rate the audience. To set up an advertising campaign, it is important to correctly determine the target audience. For example, older people are unlikely to respond to ads for the sale of modern gadgets or business courses (with rare exceptions). With the help of the Facebook manager, you can assess whether the target audience is correctly defined. Here you can see the users of what age and gender most often reacted to ads. In addition, it is available for analysis and geolocation of potential customers indicating the country, region, locality.

Evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign allows not only to analyze the target audience, but also, if necessary, adjust the ad. For example, expand the display region, reduce it, disable or enable segments, reduce ad costs, increase them for profit.



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