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Anna Sposa Group

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Anna Sposa Group is a manufacturer of wedding dresses. For a long time, managers maintained a client base using notepads and Excel spreadsheets. It was not very convenient, the necessary information, it was difficult to find, some data was confused or hopelessly lost among chaotic records and complex tables. Because of this, the company was losing customers.

 Since the company operates in several markets and has several brands, a solution was required that would bring all processes into one environment, and would not need to be sprayed onto many chats, email boxes, and other tools.

Вводные данные Input Data:


Ukraine, countries of East and West Europe


Wedding fashion


Improve the work with clients, order work of managers

Какие проводились работы How was the system was implemented

CRM system – monitoring communications with customers, which helps to automate sales, as well as to organize the work of company employees by planning workdays in the calendar and setting tasks.

The first step in implementing CRM is to transfer the client base from other media to the system. Detailed and well-thought-out customer cards were created, with the necessary information, such as phone, email address, customer status and so on. Now each manager has access to his customer base, sees what stage of work he is at and, based on this information, can develop a unique commercial offer for each customer.

One of the many benefits of a customer management system is integrated telephony. All manager calls to clients are recorded. This is convenient for two reasons:

the manager can re-listen to the conversation and check whether he missed important details in the conversation – the wishes of the client, deadlines, and so on;

the manager has access to the recordings of the conversation and can evaluate the manager’s work, his level of professionalism.

In addition, we made convenient product cards. Here you can store information about dresses, add their cost and description. Each collection is stored in a separate folder for convenience.

Using the built-in analytics, information is collected on market trends, what sold well, what is not very, a description of why this happens.

All communication with customers takes place in CRM-system. This is a big plus since the manager does not need to open different messengers in order to contact the buyer. This is realized thanks to the “open lines” functionality. The system collects and distributes all messages from social networks and messengers of the company to employees who, in turn, process these messages.


The platform has an automatically built-in email distribution function. When a new collection of dresses drops and unique offers appears, the store sends a personalized letter with an offer to each customer. You can also set up newsletters for individual customers.

The manager creates the text of the message, selects the desired segment of the client base and sets the desired distribution time, and then CRM will do everything himself. It remains only to work with the result.


Полученный результат Implementation Process Results

In addition to all CRM-system functions, mentioned before, we introduced Anna Sposa Group employees to other useful features of the service, such as calendar management, employee chats, tasks and projects.

If your business also needs to streamline all the processes of the company, such as a communication system, customer base, employee performance monitoring, we will be happy to help you with this. For almost two years, Outsourcing Team has been the CRM Gold Partner. With us, you will increase the conversion of leads into buyers and gain new customers.

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