Statement of the problem and the client's request

The main request that the owners of the company came with was to select and implement a tool that will help to organize communication with customers and within the team.

Вводные данные Input data


Kyiv city, Ukraine


Design and installation of elevators


Get superior limit out of every incoming call and to work methodically with each client

Какие проводились работы Crm implementation and configuration

For a business that operates in a narrowly specialized technological niche, it is vital to establish the correct processing and maintenance of leads. It is vital to get superior limit out of every incoming call and to work methodically with each client. And implementation of the CRM system will provide it.

This case is about how we helped to implement CRM-system at Bravo-S and what benefits our customer received.

Information about the customer

The Bravo S company is engaged in a full cycle of work related to elevators, escalators and lifting equipment. The list of provided services include:

  • drafting;
  • production;
  • installation and balancing;
  • servicing of machinery and equipment.

The company’s professional staff member implement standard and non-standard solutions, create lifting systems for residential, commercial and industrial blocks. This is a high-tech business with a complex organizational structure. The company had a need for an effective tool to control work processes and clients interaction.

Our solutions and actions

We started with analytics — studied the organizational structure of the company and built its graphic model.

Next we sent invitations to all employees in CRM, made a presentation of the capabilities of the service and an introductory briefing on its use. Employees of the company appreciated the capabilities of CRM, its speed and visibility.

After that, we structured the base of transactions and customers. Now the client has a clear understanding of what stage the work with each of his customers is at. For each lead, we set up reminders of the necessary actions.

Then we worked out and optimized the lead, deal, company and contact cards. CRM is now integrated with company’s mail. Thanks to this, everyone who writes to the mail gets into the CRM system as leads and each of the existing clients is assigned to the manager.

We have added a widget to the site that allows potential customers to write directly to the manager. Right now a new lead is being created in the system. Company employees can write to any of the instant messengers directly from CRM. It is also convenient that each manager sees only information about his clients.

We also integrated CRM with sales pages on the LP Generator. As a result, all users who filled out a form on one of the landing pages entered the system as new leads.

Полученный результат Results

Owing to the work of our specialists, the Bravo S company received a modern system for effective work with customers. The conversion from leads to orders and deals has increased. Also, a significant number of new Bravo S customers have become permanent.

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