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Healthy Food — is healthy food delivery in the city of Khmelnytskyi. This is a convenient service for those who want to eat healthy meals, but do not want to spend a lot of time and effort on buying products, cooking and washing dishes. Healthy Food offers several types of diets for different purposes: to lose weight, gain weight or increase muscle mass. You can order only lunch or three full meals and snacks. Calorie, serving sizes and products are selected by nutritionists separately for each client.

About client’s request

Since each meal ration is developed individually for the customer, it is necessary to store all information about the customer structurally not to forget or lose anything. In addition, the function of recording telephone conversations was required so that a manager who communicates with clients over the telephone could listen to a conversation with a client and record the necessary information. It is also convenient for the chief, who can listen to the conversation at any time and evaluate the work of the manager.

Вводные данные Input Data:


city of Khmelnytskyi


healthy nutrition delivery


increase the number of clients, tune the telephony, automate sales process

Какие проводились работы How was CRM implemented

The first step in implementing CRM-system is to organize the structure of the company. Each team member has his own place in the hierarchy in accordance with his position.

хелси 1

After that, we talked with the head of the company and managers, finding out the channels where potential customers can come from, what calls they make, and which more — incoming or outgoing. Having collected all the necessary information, it was decided to integrate Stream Telecom telephony immediately into the CRM system. Now all incoming and outgoing calls pass through the system and every conversation with the client is recorded and automatically gets into the client’s card. The manager can once again listen to the conversation, specifying information about the order, and the leader monitors the effectiveness of his work. In addition to work phone, we also connected a manager’s work mail to the system. Now all business communication takes place within the CRM portal. It is very convenient and saves time.


p>All order details are carefully described to the smallest detail and always at hand. The manager only needs to open the client card and find the necessary information. It takes a few seconds.

Our next step is to set up a sales funnel by status. The manager does not need to manually move the client from one status to another, the system does it for him. We set up three sales funnels for the company: rations, dinners, and granola. The manager sees how much orders and at what stage each client is at, and he can also set filters and separate leads according to a certain criterion.

The system displays two types of leads — high-quality and low-quality, those who refused the services of the company. In accordance with this categorization, it is easier and more efficient to work with databases of potential customers. You can configure SMS mailing, targeted advertising separately for each type of lead. This is the biggest advantage of the CRM system — all client databases are in quick access and you do not need to look for them in tables or notepads. Just choose the type you need and work with them.

Due to the convenience of CRM-system functionality, you can change the fields in the client card or in the transaction section. For example, in our case, we added a form for the delivery address and a field with a list of special wishes regarding the diet, allergens, and so on to the client’s card.

If you need to fulfill the plan for customers, the manager goes into the lead section, sees a list of people who are interested in the service, and works with them, makes a newsletter, special offers, or calls. This is much more effective than looking for customers who do not even know about the company and its product.

In addition, the manager receives notifications that the lead appeared, and if the lead is not processed for a long time in the system, the employee receives another notification about the need to process the lead. Now not a single potential client will be left without attention.

Полученный результат CRM-system implementation results

The Healthy Food delivery service noted the following advantages of the CRM system:

  • automation of work processes and business communication;
  • lead processing speed;
  • increase manager performance;
  • the convenience of customer base storage and customer promotion through the sales funnel;
  • more loyal customers and increased brand confidence. Customers noted the quality and individual approach to each customer.

Regardless of the sphere of your business — a cafe, food delivery, car repair service or clothing store — CRM will become an indispensable tool. Contact us to learn about the features of introducing the system into your business.

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