With what request they came

It was important for the client to build effective communication with all customers. To do this, it was necessary to transfer all the information about customers to one database and to communicate using one common tool. For this task, CRM Bitrix24 is ideal.

Вводные данные Input data


Home textiles online store


Khmelnytskyi city, Ukraine


Effective lead generation and established work with each client

Какие проводились работы Our actions

The basis for the success of any online store is effective lead generation and established work with each client. The implementation of CRM systems helps to get maximum profit from the existing stream of leads and to establish communication with customers. Using one of our customers as an example, we will show what benefits CRM Bitrix24 provides to online stores.

What works were performed

The first task that we decided to do is to streamline the customer base. We uploaded all the data from the PROM and uploaded it to the Bitrix system. Together with the customer’s managers, we modified the customer’s card specifically for the needs of the online store. After that, we finalized the deal, company and lead cards.

Than we segmented all customers by transaction status and set up a status change. This allowed us to visualize the customer’s movement through the sales funnel. At the same time, we set up analytical reports on the work of managers.

We supplemented the site’s functionality with a widget for quick communication and a service for SMS distribution. Thanks to this, it is more convenient for customers to ask questions about interested items. Also, buyers can receive information about new arrivals, discounts and promotions.

Полученный результат Obtained result

A month after the CRM implantation, the conversion from site visitors to leads and from leads to customers increased. The number of regular wholesale and retail customers has also increased. The number of positive customers reviews has increased. A lot of people noted the quality service in the store and wrote that they would recommend OptComfort to others.

The cost of CRM implementing quickly paid off. The request with which the customer came is satisfied.

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