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Outsourcing Team is a Ukrainian digital agency. The team of specialists solves such tasks as creation of websites with different types of complexity from landings to full-fledged online stores in different fields, promotion in search systems (SEO), contextual advertising, targeted advertising (advertising on social networks), social networks (SMM). The company has been successfully working in the IT services market for four years.

Why do we need CRM-system

Outsourcing Team encountered some difficulties in the process of working with clients and setting up business communication. As our company employs more than thirty employees, we were looking for a portal for effective business communication in one place, not in many messengers. In addition, there was a need for functionality that allows employees to set tasks, communicate, maintain a customer base and monitor analytics and sales. Managers noted that working in Excel tables is inconvenient and time-consuming. Informational chaos was an obstacle for employees in processing customer requests and delivering high results. Therefore, it was decided to implement the CRM

Вводные данные Input Data:


Ukraine, contries of Eastern and Western Europe, North America


ІТ services


Automate business processes, modify the corporate culture

Какие проводились работы How the system was implemented and which functions we are using

Outsourcing Team is Gold Partner of CRM. We integrate the system for our customers, so before offering it to someone, we have tested it by ourselves. Our main requirement is to streamline all business processes and communication between employees. All information, all working chats must be in one secure place.

The functionality of the CRM system was a good fit for these requirements. First of all, we made the structure of the company:

As soon as a new employee comes at the company, HR sends him an invitation to CRM-system and when the trainee registers with the system, he is automatically sent a task in the format of a checklist with assignments: fill in a work profile, read the orders and so on:

The rule of our company, which is easy to implement in CRM — the task is closed only after the employee has left a comment that he familiarized himself with the task, accepted it, completed and so on.

Each employee fills his profile with his photo, information about himself, position, his hobbies, leaves links to accounts on social networks so that colleagues have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Here you can even measure the level of stress by downloading the application. Our CRM employee profile looks like this:

Regular tasks are given to employees of each department, for example, client-managers are automatically tasked with completing reports on the project every week. They all have a deadline, the person who oversees the task, responsible for the task and the one who set the task. It helps to control the work of managers and to manage projects qualitatively. In addition, there is an opportunity to track the time of the job. For example, an employee comes with the task “Edit an article”. He clicks “Track the time” and “Start”. And after the job is done, it clicks the finish button. It is very convenient because you do not need to use timers or other methods of counting time.

It is obligatory that each employee marks the beginning and end of the working day in CRM:

At 18:00, when the employee closes the working day, a form automatically appears, where he should write a short report on the work done in a day, what he did not have time to do and why. This is a great tool for monitoring and improving employee work results.

A separate chat is created for each project, which is added to our chief department executives and project participants. The chat has the appropriate name and logo so employees who are in multiple groups won’t get lost and could quickly identify the needed group. This is a closed group with confidential information, where you can write a message, marking a person, then this employee is notified that he was mentioned in the group and needs to respond:

The next step is to set up CRM functionality, that is, the CRM capabilities that help us to manage relationships with our customers. We have two sales funnels: leads and deals. Each department has its own funnels. That is, the funnel of the leads and deals in the departments of SMM, development, and advertising will be different. For example, in the SMM funnel there is an item “Page creation”, but in the funnel of development, it will not be. This is another plus of CRM functionality. If a company consists of a certain number of departments, you can set up a separate sales funnel for each of them, which will only be seen by the responsible client manager of that unit.

We also set up personal cards for leads, where anyone who responded in some way to offers from the company on the site or on social networks is automatically added to the system, thanks to open lines. When a person writes us a message on the site, it immediately hits the open line. This is a chat in CRM-system, you do not need to go to the admin panel of the site or to the post office to conduct a dialogue. For example, as soon as a person has written us a message, such as “How much will it cost to create a site?”, he automatically gets the funnel of the leads where his request is processed by the manager.

Client’s card includes name and surname, date of birth of the client or his company or both, contacts, company and where the client came from. We need these data for analytics. After adding a lead to the system, the manager begins to lead it through the sales funnel until the deal is concluded. After that, the client of the company is automatically transferred to the deals section, where the manager continues to work with him. In the deals section, there is a section of goods. There the manager notes which goods are provided to the client and their price at different stages of the coworking. This is extremely convenient as you do not need to write anything in the tables and count all prices by yourself.

The entire client base is segmented so that targeted advertising can be launched on each base as needed.

For the head of the company it is very convenient to monitor the efficiency of employees, view all the reportings, work with clients and see every deal. You can customize analytics to track and compare performance, number of deals and leads each month. CRM-system is a constructor with which you can configure any kind of control and analytics.

There is also a live tape that is displayed by each employee. It is convenient to do polls or post important announcements. CRM-system also announces employees’ birthdays so that no one misses. This appliance is convenient for large companies. In addition, anyone can view the profile of colleagues, even if they have not yet met, and learn about the position he or she has and write a message.

Полученный результат Our results

Almost immediately after installing the CRM efficiency of our work with clients improved. All customer data is stored in one place, nothing is lost, the manager can quickly study the necessary information and make a unique business offer. Clients noted the efficiency of the company’s work and improvement of cooperation results.

For all members of our team CRM-system, it is an indispensable tool for communication, project management and workday planning and task creation. We have created different business and even no-business chats, such as “Words” or “Talk chat” where we share with each other our thoughts and interesting news. We also have a group “Healthy life” where we challenge each other do work out and share it with the colleagues. It is a great tool of team building and corporate culture.

By the way, you can create a task directly from the message. For example, in the chat they wrote “Fill in the reporting table by 18:00”. To create a similar job, click on the gray arrow to the left of the message and select the “Create Job” function:


If your company employs more than five people and the employees are still chatting in the Viber or other messengers, and after the dismissal the person has access to business correspondence, then it is worth considering the implementation of CRM. To keep all information confidential and stored in one place.

Contact us to find out how to implement CRM-system into your business today and get first results tomorrow.

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