About our client

The company engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of home textiles. The assortment of the online store has a large selection of towels, pillows, rugs, bedspreads and bed linen from the best manufacturers of Ukraine, Hungary, China, and Turkey. Geographically, it is located in the city of Khmelnytskyi and delivers throughout Ukraine.

The problem the company faced

Since the store offers high-quality products at reasonable prices, there are always a lot of buyers. The manager used to diligently keep the base of clients in several Excel tables and even in notebooks, but after a huge number of applications, working with each client took a very long time. Due to the lack of a unified system of maintaining a customer base, customer information was lost and the manager did not process the order, or he could mix up the orders. Also, all the work had to be done manually (creating a TTN, sending SMS to a client, creating shipping registers, tracking parcels, controlling money back). It took a very long time and was inefficient.

To minimize such situations, the company management decided to introduce the CRM-system for the following tasks in working with clients:

  1. The possibility of simultaneous work of several managers in one system,
  2. Record all conversations of managers, answering machines so as not to lose calls;
  3. Cards for each client;
  4. Sales funnels;
  5. The ability to integrate with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta for sending goods.
  6. Since the client has a few sites, there was a need in a system in which our client can receive applications from all sites at once.

Вводные данные Input Data:




home textiles business


set up the telephone, integration with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta

Какие проводились работы Client's request

The main request of the client is to create a sales department with an automated sales funnel, streamline the customer base and set up work with it, as well as take away routine actions from managers, which took a lot of time.

In order to realize the wishes of the client, we designed the structure of the company in the form of a hierarchy, where it is clearly visible what position each employee holds.

After that, we set up integration with the sites and marketplace of the client, that is, an online platform that provides products and services.

We also connected three client’s sites to the system, so as soon as the customer makes an order on one of the sites, he is automatically uploaded to CRM in the deals section with full information about the order. The responsible manager receives a notification about a new order, and a message is automatically sent to the client with the order number. This is fundamentally important for our client, as the speed of order processing will increase in a few times.

The next step is the integration of CRM with the cabinet of Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta. Integration with the postal services made it possible to create a TTN in the customer’s card without switching to other resources, immediately upon confirming the order, the manager can check the necessary post office, indicate the type of delivery, and do some other available functions. But the basis of the automation of the sales funnel is an integration with the postal services, namely, after the creation of the TTN, the order will automatically change its status depending on where the package is located. This allowed removing a large amount of routine work. A series of notifications were also set up for the client with information about his order.

After that, we connected an SMS resource to send notifications to the client about the status of the order.

We also connected the telephony function. Now all calls to and from clients can be made in the system. In addition, conversations are recorded and stored automatically. The manager can once again listen to the call and check the necessary information about the order, and the chief of the company can monitor the work of the manager and his manner of communicating with customers.

We also set up a sales funnel by status. For example: when a parcel is received by a new mail from a supplier to a client, an SMS is sent with the TTN number. Also, after the parcel arrives at the branch after 3 days, the client receives an SMS with a reminder that it has been at the department for 3 days.

In order to make it easier for store managers to work with customers, we structured our customer base. All information owned by company employees — contacts, transactions, customer addresses and so on, we distributed in the product card in different custom fields. Now it is clearly visible at what stage the work with the buyer is and what measures need to be taken. The system automatically reminds the employee what needs to be done at a certain stage of the transaction, so not one client will not be left without attention.

Полученный результат The work of the company after the introduction of CRM-system

After we set up the work of CRM-system, the order processing process is as follows:

  • applications from all sources (online store, telephony, landing pages) get to the system without getting lost or forgotten about. In addition, the manager can be given or taken away the right to delete the deal and lead;
  • the manager processes the application, moving it along the sales funnel;
  • robots automatically send SMS notifications to the client with information about the status of the order and delivery.

There are such advantages of implementing CRM in the company:

  • automation of customer communications;
  • all applications from various sources are quickly processed in CRM.
  • saving staff time
  • sales growth;
  • increase the number of regular customers;
  • increasing customer loyalty;
  • increase in the level of employee efficiency and control of managers — now they can see at what stage of the transaction the client can refuse to cooperate and, based on these data, adjust their work.

We are sure that the CRM system is the best solution for optimizing your company’s business processes. Contact us and we will find the perfect solution for you and indicate the timing of the implementation of the system in your business.

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