Cars from the USA

Cars from the USA

About our client

Our client is a company that sells cars from the USA and Europe. The company provides services for selecting a car, buying a car at an auction, preparing the necessary documents, delivering a car to Ukraine, certifying vehicles and registering them. They select an individual approach to each client, there is an opportunity to repair a car in the service center of the company, as well as a guarantee for high-quality car delivery.

A client contacted us on the recommendation of a friend who is also a client of our company with a request for comprehensive promotion. After studying the activities and target audience, we created a comprehensive offer for it, which includes the creation of the site and its basic SEO content, advertising for Facebook and Google, as well as setting up and integrating

CRM Bitrix24into all working processes of the company.

Вводные данные Input Data:




Buying cars at auctions in the United States and auto delivery to Ukraine


improvement of the work with clients, automatixation of working process

Какие проводились работы How was CRM implemented

The first step in integrating the Bitrix system is to create a company structure where employees are distributed across departments.


After that, we set up telephony. All calls to managers go directly to Bitrix24. It helps to always be in touch. As soon as a call arrives, the system automatically creates a customer card. And the manager during the conversation fills it with the necessary information: name, surname, company, position, and so on. When this client calls next time, the manager will immediately see his card on the screen. This is very convenient because one employee cannot remember information about all clients or look for it in personal records.

In addition, all conversations with customers are recorded. This helps to track the performance of employees, and also simplifies an individual approach to all customers. For example, several people were interested in the car of a certain brand, which was not available. As soon as the desired machine appears, the manager reports this to the client.


We also integrated the company’s website and pages in social networks and instant messengers so that all applications, messages, comments get into Bitrix. So the manager will not miss an important message or appeal from a potential client.

The next step is to set up the sales funnel by status. The manager only needs to move the client from one status to another. The advantage of funnels in the Bitrix24 system is the flexibility of their settings. The company itself chooses the number of statuses, as well as their names, depending on the stage of work with the client. The manager sees all the information about transactions, and can also configure filters and separate leads by a certain criterion.


Полученный результат Bitrix24 Implementation Results

The Bitrix24 system exceeded customer expectations and pleasantly surprised him. There was much more time to work with the customer base and the quality of order processing has improved.

Since our partner from America liked our work, we did the same CRM with similar business processes in English for the parent company.


Would you like to get the same result? Then contact us. We will not only implement CRM Bitrix24 in the work of your company, but we will also configure it and will support your Bitrix and advise you and your employees.

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