Creation of a website for the Charitable Foundation “Volunteers of Podillya”

Creation of a website for the Charitable Foundation “Volunteers of Podillya”

Customer request

Purpose of the site

Regular fundraising necessitated the creation of a single resource where one could:

  • Create separate fees for each specific purpose;
  • Place payment details;
  • Publish progress reports;
  • To increase the recognition and popularity of the BF among Ukrainians, to disseminate information among the maximum number of people;
  • Introduce people to the activities of the organization, build trust in the CF among the population.

All of these intermediate tasks are part of the same — make the process of collecting aid for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the defense, civilians:

  • fast;
  • comfortable;
  • effective. 

Functional requirements

Given that the staff of the Charity Fund “Podillya Volunteers” does not have a development department, our team faced a number of functional tasks:

  • Ensure easy, intuitive site administration by inexperienced professionals;
  • Ensure fast, uninterrupted operation of the resource;
  • Fill the site with only important content, remove everything superfluous. Create a minimum number of pages that answer all user questions.

Together with the customer, at the initial stages of work, we discussed all the nuances, goals, and subsequent stages. 

Considering that daily fundraising brings the moment of our Victory closer, and delay can cost someone their life, it was important to complete the work as soon as possible. It took 3 weeks to create a prototype, develop a website, test a product, and launch it into work.

Вводные данные Input data



Direction of activity

Volunteer organization

Какие проводились работы Stages of work

Work on the project began with planning, analysis of available data, monitoring of social networks of the customer and competitors.

Our experts held a briefing with the customer, collected and systematized all available data: information, reports, social networks, corporate identity elements, photographs. Based on the received materials, we proceeded to create a website.

Prototyping, design

Together with the team, we identified 5 main blocks on the main page:

  1. “About us”

Introduces the user to the fund, builds trust, encourages them to join.

  1. “Raising funds to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine”

Immediately shows the visitor active “banks”. It must be indicated here what purpose is set for a particular collection.

Under each of them there is an active “Donate” button, which allows you to make a contribution.

  1. “Report”

If the user, after viewing the first two blocks, has a desire to help, but distrust remains, he will immediately go to the next block with a report on the work done. In each report, you can see photos of purchased cars, things, equipment, products.

  1. “Our projects”

Here we introduce visitors to the implemented projects of the fund:

  • Aid Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • Resettlement Assistance Headquarters.
  1. “Contacts”

Information for feedback.

A separate page was allocated for “quick” contributions. The button is in the header, outlined. When pressed, the user immediately sees the details, can make a “general” contribution.

UI: To design the site, we took corporate identity elements from the Fb account.

UX: The user interface is as simple and clear as possible.

Launch site

After agreeing the design with the customer, we started developing the landing page. We used WordPress for this.

The whole process of creating the website took 2.5 weeks. After testing, it was put into operation.

Полученный результат Results

The client received a modern, fast, simple resource for charity. Our specialists have created a small manual, thanks to which even unprepared people got the opportunity to administer it.

The recognition of the Charitable Foundation “Volunteers of Podillya” has become higher, thanks to which more people have joined the activity.

The more actively people make contributions, the more effectively the assistance of the army is carried out and the more migrants can return to normal life. The site does the job perfectly!

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