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Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine



С каким запросом пришли Client and his request

Dendrotown — is a cottage town, build according to modern technologies with keeping the highest European standards. 

The client needs a website to present all their cottages and to tell them about their advantages. It was also necessary to have forms where potential clients could leave their contacts.

Какие проводились работы About performed work on web-development

The design of the site is unusual for landing because as navigation is used a sidebar instead of the common header. That means that the navigation is situated on the side of the page vertically, not horizontally on the top of the page as it is more common:



With the help of programming languages, screen navigation is realized on the computer version of the site. That means, when a user attends the site from a computer or laptop and moves up or down on the page, there appears another screen with different information.


The site functions on the base of CMS WordPress, which works with the plugin Advanced Custom Fields.

Using the plugin Advanced Custom Fields it is possible to download the content from the admin panel. With it, you can quickly add different content: text, email, numbers, passwords, links, dates, maps and so on.


The forms for clients’ applications are created by the developer, and they have many opportunities to set various types of analytics.

With the help of Java Script such functions as a gallery, animation, applications sending and screen navigation are performed on the site:




Полученный результат Results of work on web development

Our team has implemented all the wishes of the client and he was satisfied. The site is simple, has application forms and is extremely user-friendly, because, in order to go to another section of the site, you just need to click the “Down” button on your computer. In addition, the site design is concise and made in brand colors.

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