Client and his request

ХЕІ — is a Ukrainian energy service company, which provides utilities in the branch of energy efficiency. The company runs projects which allow saving up to 90% energy resources in residential areas, spheres of manufacture and budget.  Site for this company — is its business card on the first place. It must be functional and convenient. On the site should be all needed information about company’s business functions and it has to attract potential clients. 

Вводные данные Input data

The client:

Ukrainian energy service company "ХЕІ"


To provide utilities in the branch of energy efficiency

Какие проводились работы Aims and tasks:


Process on company site development

1. Site was developed by our specialists all the way from A to Z.

2. On the front-end were used such technologies as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery Library and other written on jQuery libraries, which let to get different visual effects.

3. From the back-end, site works on the base of CMS WordPress, in particular on PHP software programming language.

4. Plugin Advanced Custom Fields is the basis of site’s work. Majority of web pages are developed, using this plugin. Unlike sites on different page builders, this site is less flexible for design and structure changes. On the other hand, it is not overloaded with useless code. It lets to optimize the site and make it faster.


Process on site design creation

1. We were creating the site design for the requester, made back-end and front-end. As a result, the site went the full circle from idea to its performance.

2. The main feature of the site — its visualisation. Deep and intense colors drive attention and look pretty good:

3. We also used the element of HTML code called Canvas. It allows to administer visual elements, make them more dynamic using just the code, without setting pictures or animation.

4. On the site are performed a lot of moving elements. They change their color, place, appear and disappear and so on.

Полученный результат Result

• the customer has received an effective business promotion tool;
• the site generates applications and works to develop a positive image of the company.

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