Hoverla Trading House

Hoverla Trading House

Information about the client

Goverla Trade House has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2001. It specializes in the sale of auto parts, lubricants and auto chemicals. Over the years, the company has established a large network of partnerships and earned an impeccable reputation.
Among the clients of Trade House Goverla:
commercial trucking companies;
service stations;
car shops.

Вводные данные Input data

The client:

Goverla Trading House — one of the largest companies selling lubricants, auto parts and auto chemicals.


Khmelnytskyi city, Ukraine

Какие проводились работы What works were performed

The first task that the client set for us was to create a landing page for selling batteries. We started with the development of an individual marketing page design. The result you can see on the screenshot:

To create and fill the landing page we used WordPress CMS. This simplified the filling of the site and updating information.

A clear presentation of products and benefits, attractive colors, real customer reviews – all this ensured a high conversion of the landing page.

The next task from the customer was to create a closed corporate portal specifically for regular customers. We reviewed the terms of reference and decided to create a site on CMS Magento 2. According to its capabilities, it is ideal for solving such problems.

The main functions and features that we implemented according to the technical specifications:

  • the ability to load more than 20,000 products through 1C with constant updating and addition of the range;
  • filtering all products for quick and easy search;
  • the ability to choose a currency to display prices;
  • automatic creation of price lists;
  • accounting of customer base and debt on orders;
  • creation of a personal account for each user;
  • ability to track order status;
  • information content for portal users;
  • adaptability of the portal.

It also took a lot of time to ensure system performance. Now the portal works without failures even under heavy loads.

The main work on the portal we completed in 8 months. It took another six months to integrate with 1C and test the system. At this point, we connected a user group. Result – the portal meets all customer requirements, provides a high level of service and convenience for regular customers of Goverla Trade House.

During the period of work on the portal, the client submitted a new request. It was necessary to update and finalize the old corporate site. We developed a new design for all pages of the site, received clients approval and completely updated the look of the site.

We also implemented on the site:

  • auto industry news feed from the Correspondent site;
  • publication of news, promotions, messages about vacancies;
  • site integration with CRM;
  • adaptability.

The fourth stage of work is the implementation of CRM-system.

We have integrated all customer sites, mail and social networks with this system. Due to this, the flow of leads increased and the indicators of lead conversion to customers improved. We also achieved greater customer loyalty.

Полученный результат Results

At the moment, we carry out planned customer support in all areas. Goverla Trade House Company received an established system of sales on the Internet, a tool for convenient communication with customers and a service for recording leads and tracking work with them.

Our experience and skills will help in the development of your business. Ask for advice and order services.

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