Sirius Extrusion

Sirius Extrusion

About the client and his request

Company Sirius Extrusion — is an organization, which produces stretch wraps, stretch-hood wraps and barrier wraps. The company is a leader on the market of industrial and individual polymeric package since 2000 year. Main marketing area are countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

The page must have good and simple design and contain a lot of data about the products. The information must be strictly structured and skillfully framed.

Вводные данные Input data


Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, EU


Industrial and individaul polymeric package

Какие проводились работы Our Actions

Site was created on the base of CMS WordPress. It has simple, neat but in the same time visually pleasant design:

Professionally selected effects are realized with the help of Java Script technology. They make the page dynamic and attractive but don’t overload or slow it down.

At the core of site work is Advanced Custom Fields plugin. It simplifies the process of site admission even for not skillful users.

Site is available in 3 languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian thanks to plugins for CMS WordPress.


Полученный результат Results

Site is one of the best examples of teamwork between the client and web-developers. We have created a great site and the client provided it with a professional and interesting data. The result is really stunning:



Java Script technologies, such Ajax Cache Script helped to optimize the site.

On the site is used SCSS preprocessor, which is improved CSS version.

There are forms for the feedback, in particular in order to apply for a vacancy with the opportunity to download the CV file:


Site forms are built using the HTML, CSS and Java Script technologies. It gives opportunity to easily integrate analytical systems and set them for the work with Google Analytics in order to handle many goals.

The client was satisfied with the development results, the site is multifunctional, convenient to use and fast.

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