Client and his request

МВА —is a business school for children focused on learning the basics of business, financial literacy, business English, business etiquette and IT-marketing. The client asked us for help: to create a site with simple functionality that contains short and accurate information about the school, as well as a blog of current news. Because the site is for sale school services, it was important to have a pricing section and a form where parents can leave their contacts so they can call and tell them about the circles.

It is very important to have a website for this type of school, as parents can get complete information about the institution, prices, educational programs and so on. In addition, it is important to post not only educational data, but also photo / video reviews on the site to convince parents that their child will have a decent knowledge here and have fun.

Вводные данные Input Data:


city of Khmelnytskyi


education for children

Какие проводились работы Completion of the tasks for the development and design of the web page

The site was developed according to the sales model, that is, the structure of the site was divided into blocks and filled accordingly. The first part of the site attracts attention, here we have posted photos where children study and left there fields for contact data:


The second part of the website is arousing interest in the school. Here we have added a video with lessons, information about the benefits of learning:


In the next block we outlined parents’ feedback, information about what your child would learn in school, the team of teachers, and answers to the most common questions. This makes parents want their child to study here:мба4



And the last one, the most important unit of the site is the call to action. In our case, this is a reservation of the place at school:


The design of the site is bright, with properly selected colors that blend in with each other.
The site has a homepage and also a blog, which is a news section for publishing data about parents’ feedback, photos of kids from classes and other information.


The site is fast enough thanks to our optimization work.


As mentioned earlier, the site has forms for collecting contact information. Their peculiarity is that they are developed individually and due to this we can adjust the number and order of fields in them and set analytics to those events that we wish. This form was used to call for visitors to leave their data to send the curriculum to them. The curriculum serves as a lead magnet in this case and brings us the main thing — contacts that sales managers can work with later.


Полученный результат Results

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