Memory Ritual

Memory Ritual

About our client

The company Memory rityal provides a range of funeral services.. Their main specialization is the delivery of dead bodies from abroad to Ukraine. The company supplies bodies from Europe and provides legal support, advises on required documents, prepares bodies for burial and provides ritual stuff. Consultations for clients are provided 24/7 and payment is made upon completion.

It is important for a company of this type to have a website since persons whose loved one has died abroad will first and foremost look for information on how to deliver the body to their motherland on the Internet. There must be several forms of communication on the site and a list of the services they offer and the countries in which they operate.

Вводные данные Input Data:


European Union, Ukraine


Funeral service

Какие проводились работы The Process of Development

We have created a one-page site that is based on CMS WordPress. This is one of the most convenient site management panels. Here one can upload unlimited content and easily create new application forms. Besides, the applications can also be viewed and processed in the admin panel.

The main functionality of the site is made using the plugin Advanced Custom Fields, which allows to display many additional fields in the admin panel of the site. You can add another application form, such as emergency advice or route tracking, more reviews, etc.

We have created a concise multifunctional site, divided into several meaningful blocks:

the main block with a form for free consultation. Forms were developed independently, which is why they are flexible in terms of customizing analytics on them:


list of countries from which the deceased are transported:


instructions on how to transport the dead. Here are some steps one needs to take to transport the body:</p


a compulsory block of benefits and services provided by a readable and concise, easy-to-read company:


photos of service cars in which the transport will be carried out and the cities in which they are located:


a block where client can ask his question:


reviews unit integrated with the company Facebook page. To post your feedback, just write it on Facebook and it will automatically appear on the site. The site administrator does not need to manually add them, just confirm this in the admin panel:


detailed information about the body transportation process, a list of possible services and benefits of cooperation with the company:


a list of company contacts and a map of routes on which the transportation is carried out:

The site design is done in black and white with high quality photos. The text is as readable and understandable as possible for users of different ages.




Полученный результат Results

The company Memory rityal is our first experience in developing funeral service websites. We believe that nowadays, such a service needs a website where clients can leave their contacts and get advice. In addition, the site should have a good design and tell the person how they can help.

With the scripts, the basic kits are set up: sliders (picture change), form submission, and mobile adaptability, which means that the site looks equally good on both the phone and the computer.

The jQuery translate plugin configured the site’s bilingualism. That is, it is available in Ukrainian and Russian. This makes the site as user-friendly as possible for users from different countries.

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