Redesign and development of a new website for the Modern Energy company

Redesign and development of a new website for the Modern Energy company

Information about the client

TOV “Suchasna Energia” — official distributor of solar power equipment in Ukraine from leading manufacturers: Huawei, Fronius, Longi.

Since 2015, specializes in the sale, consulting, design and construction of private / large solar power plants.

The main goal of the — development of solar energy in Ukraine.

Service center, a team of experienced employees provide high quality customer service.

Goal of cooperation

The main platform for interacting with dealers / users, attracting new customers, getting to know new offers — is the site. Therefore, its design, technical capabilities, speed of work determine the level of development of the company. 

The goal of cooperation between the customer and our team was:

  • Redesign of an existing site while maintaining the overall style;
  • Functional extension;
  • Preparing for SEO promotion, advertising.

Вводные данные Input data




Solar energy

Какие проводились работы Progress

We analyzed the market, preferences of the target audience, source materials, studied the resources of direct and indirect competitors in terms of design and functionality in Ukraine and abroad.

We also took into account web development trends, new tools that can be successfully applied to this niche.

Such an analysis helped us to identify the shortcomings of the project at this stage, to form an action plan.


It was necessary to make the design of the resource more modern, but keep the old style, dark design.

Therefore, we used “live” photos in good resolution. Made the site minimalist, added interactivity.

Terms of reference for developers

Website development involves two important stages:

  • front-end: the visible part that the user interacts with (of the interface)
  • backend: the backend that is responsible for the internal data.

We prepared a detailed TOR for programmers, where we described the concept, style, technical requirements and content for each page.

The test task was previously approved with the company in order to reduce the number of edits, to take into account all the wishes at once.


When developing the site, we approved each “big” stage of changes with the company:

  1. Visual design of pages, arrangement of elements.
  2. Filling with text/photo materials.
  3. Additional functionality:
    • interactive map of dealers;
    • catalog;
    • product pages.

Before launching the site, our testing department checked it for convenience, compliance with the wishes of the customer, the absence of errors, and the speed of work.

Полученный результат Result

As a result, in 1 month we got a trendy, convenient, fast site, completely ready for interaction with users.
Our team continues the project. In the plans: SEO promotion, launch of advertising with the goal of “Traffic to the site” to attract new customers!

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