Creation of a website for the charitable educational project Support for Ukraine

Creation of a website for the charitable educational project Support for Ukraine

Support for Ukraine project

As a result of the war on the territory of Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of people were left without work, livelihoods, lost their permanent place of residence, stability.

The official number of unemployed Ukrainians reached 283,600.

People have to start life from scratch, change their specialization in order to find a job. Without constant income, it is very difficult.

So Khmelnytskyi's charitable organization launched the Support for Ukraine project. It is designed to help forced migrants and residents of Khmelnytskyi who have lost their jobs:

  • Learn a new direction, change specialization for free;

  • Increase qualifications;

  • Improve the level of knowledge in related specialties that will help you find a job faster;

  • Get employment assistance.

Courses are presented in the most relevant areas:

  1. SMM;

  2. Ukrainian language;

  3. Basic course of computer literacy;

  4. Graphic design;

  5. In-depth computer literacy course.

Training is conducted by teachers with 5 years of experience. All material needs of people's education are covered by charitable contributions. The fund is supported by state and public organizations.

Tasks for creating a site

The organizers of the project turned to our team with the task: to develop a convenient, understandable, effective site for collecting funds for charity, publishing reports on the work performed.

The site should close all possible objections of the user, increase the loyalty of the audience, encourage them to make a charitable contribution.

Вводные данные Input data


Khmelnytskyi, all of Ukraine, Europe


Charitable organization: training of displaced persons and assistance in finding a job

Какие проводились работы Work progress

Briefing, audit

We held a briefing with the customer, found out detailed information about the courses, teaching staff, payment options, official documents, certificates. Subsequently, they conducted an audit of the websites and social networks of similar charitable organizations. We studied the comments of users to understand the main pains, objections, possible reasons for their mistrust. We evaluated the visual design of competitors’ resources, compiled a table with a list of pros and cons of the UX/UI part of the design. Based on the results of the completed work, a meeting was held to form an action plan, the general concept of the site, discuss the details, and reach a single decision. Site prototyping Site prototyping was the most important task during our work. The sequence of blocks on the main page should interest the user, involve him in the problem, inspire trust, and push him to the target action. We developed a prototype site in Axure. The blocks were located as follows:

  • The first screen with a title about the project, a clear number with the number of unemployed Ukrainians, a button for contribution;
  • “Who is this site for” block: so that the user can identify himself;
  • Several blocks that vividly demonstrate the problem of job losses during the war (photo, video);
  • Trust blocks: we talk about certificates and project capabilities;
  • FAQ: To handle remaining questions/objections;
  • Introducing courses, teachers, partners for further employment of graduates;
  • Reviews of immigrants who graduated from the project;
  • Contacts.

The Help button is repeated in different blocks. It all depends on at what stage a person will have enough arguments to join. Other pages of the site supplement the information of the main page. All data is confirmed by figures from official sources, documents, reports.

Design concept

The designer worked on the project, who herself is an immigrant from the city of Kherson. She thought through all the design details and prepared the site design for the mobile version and PC in Figma. The design is developed in muted tones with an emphasis on the patriotic national colors of Ukraine. Design is simple, concise, clear. Does not distract attention from the main information, live photos and videos.

Development, testing

The site was created on CMS WordPress. This made it possible to make it simple, but quite flexible in settings. During the development process, a lot of attention was paid to creating various convenient ways to make donations. We have added convenient payment methods to the site:

  • WayForPay;
  • PayPal;
  • Swift USD/EUR;
  • Monobank;
  • PrivatBank;
  • Replenishment by account number in hryvnias;
  • Cryptocurrency.

All functionality was tested. Only then was the site launched.

Полученный результат The result of the work

We managed to develop an effective, simple, functional site where people can:

  1. Make a contribution, help immigrants to get a new education;
  2. Learn more about the activities of the fund, its possibilities;
  3. Track the results of your contribution.

Thanks to the site and the active work of the foundation, it has already been possible to receive several grands and graduate 1-2 groups of students in each course!

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